Government gets something right.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Awol, Nov 17, 2006.

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  1. Its a sad world where a single mum would be popping into the local nick to see if the love of her life is a paedo...........

    Why not just tattoo a big P on their forehead, then everybody knows where they stand. Or lie in a pool of blood tattoo dependant!!
  2. What a damn fine idea, they say that paedos never ever get fixed so tattooing them would not infringe on human rights. After all if proven to be a paedo and you are always going to be one, what arguement have you not to have it done.
  3. "The Home Office is considering proposals that would enable single mothers to ask the police to make the checks, which would have to be supported by reasonable grounds for suspicion."

    somebody who hates you did it under use of force.
  4. Agreed that could be a problem but tattoos can be removed, not easy and not cheap but an innocent man could get rid of it.

    On the other hand if a paedo tried the same, he would waste his money and get another one for free again.
  5. Perhaps we should make different classes of social outcasts wear different coloured armbands.

    No wait, that has been done before..........
  6. The old ideas are the best eh. The origin of raising your right hand in court:

  7. If we just executed the sick feckers then there wouldnt be a need for naming and shaming them, but oh wait the limp wristed liberal brigade would be knocking on the door whining about the pedo's rights, fcuking execute them and sort out the liberal whining afterwards!!
  8. I'm surprised that the government are doing it at all. There have to be huge Human Rights issues about this. (Not real Human Rights issues you understand, just what a whole generation of lawyers have come to see as Human Rights issues.)
  9. Wondered how long it would take before another thread became a "I Hate movers" Thread!! :plotting: :?

    Seriously though my post was more about the sad way the world is going no offence was meant to those who like tattoos...............
  10. the world isn't going a sad way, it's always BEEN a sad place mate.
  11. I know exactly what you mean mate, looking at the article it mentions Sarah's law and how it took her murder in 2000 to maybe have a register like this set up now 6 years later, it also mentions the US's megans law after her murder in 1994, so it's been 12 years for someone to finally think about having a publicly accessible database on these sicko pervs, isnt that 12 years too late, and isnt it time we did have a database not just think about having one.

    You can go to any US sherrifs department website and look up the sex offenders on the megans law page, we should have that here, and who cares if the offenders are put in danger by it, if they werent kiddy fiddlers in the first place then they wouldnt be in a position where they could be put in danger by it...simple really isnt it
  12. Ah-ha, it's infinite number of monkeys, infinite number of typewriters time...
  13. Now theres a remark from a sanctimonious prick if ever I saw one
  14. Whilst i agree that these animals must be found (and preferably put down!), cast your mind back to the paedohilia outrage of the late 90's early 00's that lead to a disabled man being tortured then killed and a doctor assaulted by a gang simply because of mistaken identity and the groups inability to seperate a paediatrician from a paedophile.

    Sometimes, information in the wrong hands is as bad as no information :(