Government finds extra £40M for Olympic ceremonies

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Roger_The_Cat, Dec 5, 2011.

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  1. BBC News - London 2012 Olympic ceremonies budget doubled

    So HMG are slashing and burning but can find £40M to spend on streamers fireworks and dancers.

    BBC news tonight showed the precisely drilled Chinese efforts. Presumably Dave doesn't want to be outdone and will claim its our advert to the world's tourists.

    I can't help feeling ghat whatever we spend it will end up a bit of a shambles. I could write the inevitable choreography now for 50 quid.

    £5 to the first Arrser to spot a Sikh Drummer, Chinese Dragon or Jamaican limbo dancer in the inevitable Multicutural PC "Celebrations" that the £80M gets spunked on.

    £5M if you spot anything more military and representative of our history than a Red Arrow or shortbread tin style Bearskinned Guardsman
  2. I wonder how they worked out that amount was needed? till it reassures me that my pension is affordable if we can afford to keep chuking money away. I don't know anyone that's going or wants to.
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  3. It's a feckin' cash cow for Coe & cohorts.
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  4. IIRC the one we had for Sydney was a very tasteful effort involving blokes in kangaroo and goanna suits riding around on pushbikes. Culture? We've got it coming out of our ********* we have.
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  5. Well they couldn't be arsed with publishing the sums on Pensions or how much losing NHS Direct will cost the NHS in wasted time but I suspect they know how much a good party costs
  6. Koala? At least the Australians have a sense of humour

    This will be bloody embarrassingly awful. I'll give you evens it'll be centred around a multi ethnic bunch of kids playing bongos out of time before a London bus comes on with David Beckham & whoever just won Britain's Got Talent
  7. Followed by Cameron hugging hoodies. I wonder if he'll be willing to be a "research patient". BBC News - Everyone 'to be research patient', says David Cameron If so it'll have to be for a Gynaecologist .
  8. Despite the extra funding, it will still be an exercise in bad taste. I can think of better ways to spend £80 million of pulic money.
  9. Looking forward to seeing Cameron's diary secretary manning the anti-aircraft radar. It worked for Immigration Service duties last week (if you believe the bollocks and spin)
  10. I thought they were printing more money we allegedly don't have, we will all feel the pain i'm sure of that but some will feel it much less and may do rather well out of us.
  11. LAIT

    Where did that quote "if an extra ten soldiers....." come from?
  12. No, goanna, it's a lizard that runs like ****. You are advised if chased by one to lie flat on the ground, it thinks vertical objects are trees and will climb you. It has **** off big claws and tastes like chicken, but chewier. But I digress. No, our gay arty luvvies thought it tres chic to present such a cringeworthy effort to the world.
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  13. I've already got my wheel-barrow ready in memory of 1929.

  14. I'm not a huge fan of the Olympics, but they are a great big advert to the world's tourists, businesspeople, etc. It's a sizeable investment but one that will, over quite a short period of time, give back to the taxpayer.

    I understand the childish logic of your post, but it's time to stop whining about your pension. Think of it like this:

    Your dad's lost his job and can no longer afford to give you the games console he promised. You're still going to have a nice comfortable bed and a roof over your head. Don't have a tantrum when he pays the gas bill.
  15. Abandoned, derelict, covered in graffiti and rubbish: What is left of Athens' £9billion Olympic 'glory' | Mail Online