Government drops plan to hold inquests in secret

Reported HERE as well.

How curious that AL-Jabeeba have tucked away yet another of ZANU NL's failings.I suppose it would dectract from all the coverage of cyclop's being the savior of the world's economy. :roll:

What I would like to see is the complete argument,forwarded by Spliff and her peon's,as to why the government feel that this sort of legislation is required.

There was little need to so fundamentally change British legislation while fighting PIRA.Internment ect being emergency measure's.So what has changed to warrant this kind of draconian measure?

Oh and three cheer's for the house of lord's while I am at it.


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big_mac4824 said:
they will try and push it through under a different guise later on!

Shelve the most unpopular plans for now, as the elections are no longer as far away as they used to be, but if, and it's a big if, they get voted back in by the unthinking, stupid, voting cretins that got them back in last time, all these dodgy, unpleasant practices will be wheeled back out again.

ZANU NL looks at the EU with all its secrecy, unmonitored (by the electorates at least) power games, with all that filthy lucre, and getting away with blue murder and think that is the way forward for the UK.

They wantr a piece of that for themselves, without the obvious hindrance that an electorate can be. Why do this sort of thing under public scrutiny, with the inevitable bashing they'll get from the professionals, when they can do it behind closed doors, with nobody to censure them.

They didn't say they were zapping 42 days detention, they should said they were shelving it for now.

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