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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Norfolknchance, Jun 7, 2012.

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  1. I've always fancied a job as a courier. Anyone any info on this?
  2. dockers

    dockers Old-Salt Book Reviewer

  3. Silver Greyhounds are, in this electronic age, few and far between and, to the best of my knowledge, former moderately senior officers who have rendered significant service whilst in uniform. If you don't meet the template, I suggest you might want to consider TNT, UPS and so on.
  4. Or do you mean the Defence Courier Service? (Lots easier to get into than QMS)
  5. Dockers: yeh, that's what I was after. Met one of these chaps recently and job would suit me down to the ground so may do a bit more research. Many ta's>.
  6. Defence Courier Service may fit the ticket as well skintboymike. Rickshaw: managed 27 years in green and ended up at a reeasonable rank so seem to fit some criteria! Time spent in means I'm no spring chicken but neither was the guy I met (see my previous posting!)
  7. Try;

    MK19 7BH

    Tel; 01908 510052

    Ask for recruiting and explain who, what, you were and want etc, they may be able to help.
  8. DCS has massively downgraded it's entry criteria, it used to be ex WO's only - when I left there a couple of years ago an ex Sigs Sgt had been recently employed, as well as a few civilians. Being in date with DV would also massively aid your cause.

    A few of the DCS guys tried to get into the QMS during my time there, but to no avail - apparently it was all secret handshakes, favours for mates, etc. You had to pretty much be in the loop already to be in with a shout. Good luck either way.
  9. A good friend of mine was a QM until recently - he told me that the QMs, as globe-trotting messengers, are a spent force and are now being mostly replaced by casual couriers from within the FCO's ranks. The Silver Greyhound status, I was told, was originally created by Victoria. The FCO, which disliked "attached" staff of this sort, tried to disband them some years ago but their plan was foiled when a "well-placed" member of staff informed the Palace what was going on.

    But don't quote me on any of this!
  10. Come again?
  11. Spammer. Reported.
  12. i do courier work long hours no money but i like it used to do eu alot but do mainly uk
  13. Your username...were you RGJ ?
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