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Government Cost Cutting - Troops To Spend R&R In Bastion ... And Buy Your Own Uniform


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Whole Force Concept - sack the Regular Army and rely totally on TA.

No more ARABs, everyone's a STAB :)
It's not a bad idea, Can you imagine it? Two weeks of ironed kit, shirts tucked in, wearing of reflective belts and an assortment of other bullshit directed by fat cunts without a proper job and they'll be begging to go back to the FOBs.
On Herrick 8 we were asked our opinions on whether the blokes would be happy with having their UK r+r scrapped in favour of a week or so up at the kajaki dam if they provided watersports equipment and other shite, seeing as this is only just coming out now shouldn't be too long till the sun wails about how 'our boys' might have had to do 9month tours had the evil government had their way...

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