Governent job scheme turns out to be useless

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by brighton hippy, Feb 22, 2013.

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  1. Well, what a feckin' surprise. The only person who'll be astonished by this is that useless tool Cleggy.
  2. In political terms 3% is a roaring sucess, to the hooray henries that is, in perspective if we had 3% growth it would be Bollinger and oysters all round in the house, all subsidised by us that is.
  3. Tbf if the job out lookmis so bleak spending a billion quid a year knowing its going to achieve very little.
    Seems a bit pointless.
  4. Cameron is like King Midas in reverse...

    Everything to he turns his mind to turns to shit
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  5. Governments are dammed if they do or dammed if they don't when they try to create jobs in this way. If the money had been spent in cutting National Insurance Contributions, it would probably have created more jobs but the chorus of whinging from the Unions and its Labour puppy would have been unbearable.

    Worth remembering as well that this criticism is being orchestrated by Margaret Hodge - who we all know was such a success when she was in power.
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  6. The scheme will probably be made redundant =-D
  7. The idea that the state can do anything useful well is laughable. It does everything badly.
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  8. That's probably fair and people of course can help themselves to a job, works for me.
  9. Damned if they do, damned if they don't is it.

    Discussed widely elsewhere. But - We can't afford to supply meaningful training or experience placement on a widespread basis. The private sector are not interested in pressed labour or in having additional government oversight of their business. This results in the establishment of "workfare provision industry" which actually has a vested interest in failing to equip people for work.

    The flip side is that the government (whoever they are) cannot simply say "languish on the dole, here's your giro" either, the result is Work Programme - Which only provides the very flimsiest of a pretence of 'training' and which requires little input from anyone (including the trainees) but which the government can point to and say "this is what we're doing to help the unemployed" (to the unemployed) and "this is how we're getting our money's worth from the scroungers" (to the Daily Mail editorial team).
  10. The 3% would probably have found a job anyway. I've just been unemployed for a month. I've received two job offers to start next month, and have picked the best paid. Meanwhile, I've got to go on the first week of a 6 week training scheme I signed up to, just to get paid my JSA. Problem now is that I wont get any wages until I've done a month there, and the dole will stop my JSA claim when I start work, so I gave the dole clerk a bit of shit for that, saying it doesn't exactly encourage people to find a job.

  11. A considerable number of people don't make it through that month. Particularly those who've been signing on a while.
    It's just another aspect of the benefit trap.