Goverment to Scrap Red Arrows Red and Blue Smoke

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by the_boy_syrup, Dec 28, 2006.

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  1. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    You just could'nt make it up

    The Red Arrows could be forced to stop using red, white and blue smoke in their aerobatic displays to reduce costs.
    RAF chiefs ordered to cut millions from their budgets proposed saving £500,000 a year by restricting 'The Reds' to cheaper white smoke.

    But ministers realised the plans would be a public relations disaster and ordered a rethink.

    However, sources fear it is inevitable that the dyes will go as the Red Arrows are forced to cut their costs of up to £30million a year.

    The MoD admitted there had been proposals to scrap the red and blue smoke but insisted the plan had been shelved. The news came after it emerged that all military parachute training could be stopped for four years to fill a £1billion black hole in the Army's budget.

    Coloured trails have been a Red Arrows trademark since they formed in 1965.

    People all over the world watch their breathtaking stunts as the nine jets crisscross the sky 6ft apart at 400mph, trailing Union Jack colours.

    To create the smoke, diesel is sprayed into the Hawk jets' exhaust plumes, where it vaporises into white gas. This is vital for safety as it helps pilots pick out other planes quickly. But the red and blue smoke use costly specialist dyes, extra tanks and hydraulic nozzles.

    The team's base at the Central Flying School in Cranwell, Lincolnshire, faces cuts next year.

    An insider said: 'The coloured smoke is expensive so we suggested making do with white. The political embarrassment was deemed too great - this time, at least. Next year we'll have to come up with more savings and the question will rear its head again.'

    Shadow Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox said: 'Gordon Brown's lack of understanding of the traditions of our Forces knows no bounds.'

    Thought they had gone back to Scampton?
  2. The coloured dye is expensive.

    Ahhhhhhh right , so all those civvy aerobatic kites that use coloured smoke can't afford it either?

    Methinks the supplier is too expensive, not the dye.
  3. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    If memory serves me its plain old diesel mixed with dye
    Must be some where you can get cheap dye

  4. Nail on the head!

    The private sector have long plundered the public sector of money that the latter does not earn when the fomer provides 'contracted-out' goods and services at an extortionate rate that would amount to commercial suicide if attempted in the private retail sector.

    It is a practice endemic in the public sector to such an extent that one begins to wonder whether and to what extent large areas of the commercial sector are actually being kept economically viable and in profit by being indirectly subsidised by the overburdened taxpayer.
  5. Where will the madness stop.

    Reducing expenditure is one thing, but it is getting a bit silly now really.
    They cant afford dye ffs :roll:
    Whats next for the chop, fuel for vehicles, ammunition, spare parts, flying time???
    Oh hang on a tic..............
    Absolutely rediculous.
  6. Its truly unbelievable. You'd think with the Red Arrows being representitive of the whole of the UK, they'd pump a bit more money into the Red Arrows. For god sakes, they're going to pay something stupid for Tony Blairs personal jet and he's leaving office soon.
    It's disgraceful the way the government cuts costs so that the ministers can get stupid benefits like private jets or holidays where the RAF pay for the transport. :evil:
  7. So what's new. Cuts have been the backbone of this administration, anybody remember the Royal Tournament? Any others to name?
  8. This is f8cking typical. The Gov't loves teh PR adn the slash of it all but doesn't want to stump up the readies. Guess what aerobatics is ******* expensive.

    Frankly 500,000 for dye seems masses to me - perhaps bucktes of food colouring would work? The pilot could just lean out this window as he does the tricks - that would save money!
  9. Too many to mention.
  10. Typical Daily Mail bull$hit story.

    Here's a shortened version:

    Senior RAF officers look to make savings, propose to MoD chiefs that the Red Arrows should only use cheap white smoke.

    MoD chiefs tell senior RAF officer not to be so f*cking stupid.

    Idea cancelled.
  11. Could not have put it better myself!

    Spoke to a mate on the Reds the other day & he laughed it off as pure bollox.
  12. I do, it's what convinced me to join the RN. Alas, they shitcanned it before I had a chance to try out for it and I only managed to get to do the Brickwoods tournament instead.
  13. As opposed to being bummed by men with pants tattoos?