Goverment Ignoring D-Day Anniversary

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Chimpchoker, Mar 19, 2009.

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  1. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

    Better donating via RBL than giving the oxygen of publicity to the Daily Mail.

    imho of course.
  2. So, one post in and it's already turned into an anti Daily Mail rant. FFS, it's a newspaper, so maybe some of the reporting may be a bit dubious by some peoples standards, but at least they are trying to do something, not everyone who reads the Mail is a Legion member, so they are starting a colection up on behalf of the veterans, good on them I say, it's more than this bloody Govt is doing.
    No offence, Rafbrat, but lets leave the politics out of this and just concentrate on the fact that something is being done for these guys.
  3. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

    Sorry, Mr. Sainstone. What I meant to say was

    'The RBL already has a campaign going and welcomes donations to this excellent cause. That campaign has been running for several months, and includes petitioning the Government through formal channels. It might be better to lend weight to that, rather than give the Daily Mail an opportunity to take credit for other people's work. Your opinion may vary.'

    I don't see how politics CAN be left out of this, given that the government, which is doing the refusing, is made of politicians, and the Mail, which is doing the bandwagon-jumping, is owned by a person who is registered as non-domiciled for tax purposes, yet lives in the UK, along with his wife and family.
  4. TBH, Rafbrat, I would not have heard of the of the Gub'mint's outrageous and disgusting failure to support the vetrans if I had'nt read about it in the Daily Hate. I don't recall it being mentioned in any other papers or on the TV, though of course I am standing by to be corrected.

    I don't believe or trust everything I read in ANY paper, but there are far worse offenders than the Daily Mail. :roll:
  5. What pisses me off about this is seeing that this flucking Government would not give them a pot to piss in, where are all these muti millinaires if they all chipped in a few bob between them these old boys and their carers could do one last trip before they go to the big Parade Square in the sky.

    Fluck this Flucking Government.

    Rant Over.
  6. Not wrong to bash the government, not wrong to wish the Normandy Veterans well, but not right to blame the gov/MoD for not funding their 65th. Five years ago the gov ‘graciously allowed’ :roll: a huge amount of out Lottery money to be spent on the Veteran’s Return programme. Mostly they did fair to well from the allowances, unfortunately bar most Far East Veterans. It was also made very clear, even I read the notice, that the 60th anniversary period was it! Officially and formerly the line was drawn and thereafter NO financial support could be sought or would be given for WWII commemorations.

    Frankly the newspaper and TV items are a ‘cheap shot’ and groundless – especially when there is so much to string-up various quite rightly for ten time over. Most of the WWII Veteran orgs have now fizzled out or chose to fall on their sword to close with some dignity. Doesn’t of course mean respectful commemoration shouldn’t continue.

    I wish the D-Day Veterans well and hope they have a good event which no doubt they will. BUT, it remains fact that D-Day is the single most celebrated thumbnail in our perspective despite the ‘invasion of Europe’ and ‘the world’s largest armada’ both occurred in 1943 with Italy. With over 5M people under arms serving all over the world, and nearly as many in munitions and armaments, it’s hardly wrong to focus on D-Day but grossly inequitable to afford the majority no commemoration. And, good to see able men in their late 70’s but obvious these were ‘kids’ at Normandy, invariably their first action. Our war of 1939 had, of course, been going on for nearly five years by then, and most of the people in at the beginning when they were in their 20’s and 30’s are now gone.

  7. All good points, but it does not excuse our pathetic excuse for a Gub'mint. Especially when compared to what the French, Americans etc are doing. :evil:

    Compared to the eye-wattering amount of money ZANU-Labour has managed to p1ss up the wall since they came to power, giving the few remaining D-Day Vetrans a last, first-class trip is chicken-feed.

    Cheap shot? When it comes to THESE cnuts, no shot is TOO cheap to take! :x
  8. I hadn't realised the government were meant to tell us to remember these days. Surely we can do it for ourselves.

    RBL helps fund the trips and we all make donations for them to do that it is, inter alia, why they are there. Personally I wouldn't like the government stepping on their toes and would like an organisation such as the RBL, which is orientated towards this type of event to organise.
  9. There was a short piece on the BBC news this morning that said the MOD had announced it would assist the veterans "in some capacity" this year. Also mentioned that our PM would attend the celebrations "if invited". I can't find a link anywhere as yet.

    Slightly off thread. I can't believe the animosity directed at the Daily Mail over this story. We can't have it both ways fellas. The press gets a roasting if it runs any anti-Squaddie stories, (which is understandable on a site like this), yet when a paper such as the Mail attempts to raise the profile of an issue that should be close to our hearts, it immediately gets flamed. :roll: A paper which employs a pro-military journalist such as Max Hastings (and allows him to publish regular articles on the subject) is fine by me.
  10. Now Gordon has realised that Obama is going to be there his government are now changing their mind. Another photo opportunity for our great leader!
  11. It's looking like an amazing U-Turn by the Gutless One. Sucking up to Obama is top of the agenda right now.

    Thing that made my stomach turn was Zanu Labour turning a blind eye (sic) to this whilst that self-serving, publicity hungry (aren't they all?) uber-chopper Andy Burnham on TV yesterday informed us that the Government had written to Michel Platini in order to have a Liverpool match rescheduled rather than played on the 20th anniversary of Hillsborough!

    How come they see fit to ignore the D-Day anniversary but feel compelled to involve themselves in the scheduling of a football match?

    My two bob: it would be fitting for the fans to be remembered by the game going ahead.

    ..... and relax
  12. Good, I hope they do ignore it rather than milking it. Nothing would be more offensive to me than to see Gordon Brown trying to hijack the event to try and boost his image.