gov does it's bit to employ ex service types

I nominate Jarrod to look after the naughty ones. That'll learn them.
Pah! Are there no doors for ex SNCOs to Commissionaire any more?
Don't suppose there's a dammned good thrashing in their curriculum perchance ?
Many years ago I was a climbing and canoeing instructor before joining the Army. We used to get, on occasion, batches of kids classed as 'Intermediate Treatment' (i.e. "this is your last chance before borstal") who would do all sorts of adventure training in an attempt to make them see the light.

Before the first batch arrived for a canoe session I asked a wizened instructor how he coped with the difficult ones. He said that he usually capsized the and while they were bobbing in the water would smack them on the head with his paddle until they complied. Pavlovian conditioning at its finest.
I can't see it working. I was subjected to Army style training at 16 and if anything it made me more unruly. Aldershot on a weekend and you'd see lots of youths that had been subjected to militray training being unruly... or Catterick...or Borden... Dortmund............. Fuck it! any place where you have a group of lads that have had military training and you see them being unruly.
not sure about Sandhurst, I was too unruly to go there
not sure about Sandhurst, I was too unruly to go there
They are the posh equivalent of unruly. Just opposite 44sqn where the housing people dwell there is a small area with a couple of double matress's on the floor where the so called leaders of the future would engage in coital activities.

What happened to the days of "bumping" into familiar faces in Guildford and smashing the shit out them in a hotel!!

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