Yes, yes, I know. Crusty Club Men sucking Port and chomping Stilton.
But is seems not.

Fully fit 27 year old fails to turn up this evening. Waiting for hours in A&E with really bad pain & swelling in left knee.

Now calls in to tell me that the considered opinion is that he has Gout and will need NSAID's, ice packs. leg elevation and off for rest of week.

Anybody had this? Is it as bad as is claimed?
I have suffered with this problem on and off for about ten years. Is it painful?
Short answer - yes. My first attack left me unable to walk and I had to be carried to the MRS. Once diagnosed, it can be controlled, either by uric acid inhibitors or if already showing symptoms, by naproxen .

And the cause? Can be anything from alcohol to fruit juice to spicy foods. I have managed to control outbreaks and normally suffer from an atack maybe once every 18 months. You get to feel the signs and have time to dose up.
Its not just big toes either, the uric acid crystals settle in the lowest point of the body, so can easily be elbow, knuckle.

Yeah just been immobilised for a few days with it! Is it supposed to feel like you've broken your foot? I found that pineapple juice helped, apparently it helps remove the uric acid. Not saying it'll work for you but it seemed to reduce the swelling and th epain. I thought it was only old Colonels who drank two bottles of port a day, did someone change the rules?
As well as the usual medical advice, you need to watch out for missing vitamins in the diet, B6, D and E. As well as what you take in, what you don't can add to the effect, especially people on diets that involve leaving out a lot of stuff. With gout it can be a low fat diet.
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