Gourmet Ration Packs

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by wessex_warrior, Nov 17, 2006.

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  1. What do you reckon the market would be like for commercial gourmet 24hr rat packs? I'm thinking PG tips teabags, good quality grub, 10 fags etc. opinions? would you buy one?
  2. What, bring PAYD into the field?
  3. What's your market?

    Weekend trips in the hills - I'd rather put my own together,
    The MOD - fat chance, they're tight bastards
    Officers Mess - You could be on to something here :)

  4. stick a bottle of rioja in and we could be interested :D
  5. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Single Malt & a mixed Kebab definatly!!
  6. Small bottle of chablis / Claret
    Decent biscuits (not AB) - perhaps a small pack of Bath Olivers?
    Small can Pate / or decent (i.e. not racid) cream cheese - primula? Patum peperium for menu D
    Boil in the bag Chateau Briande or at least decent curry
    Twinnings Tea, Coffe bags & Green and Blacks organic chocolate drink

    A mars bar that isn't made of cardboard and have the melting point of DU

    ....now that would be of interest

    Delivery as well?
    Put me down for 3 cases - make that four my gunner will probably want some too.

    On a serious note - a well marketed rat pack which actually had some realistically edible contents would be appealing

    £15 to £20 quid a pop - a weeks catering in the field for £100 or a treat for Mrs. La_La to send in morale mail
  7. And some really really high quality Grot :D
  8. Maybe if you set up shops outside the usual walt locations i.e. paintball areas (put on packaging "as used by 49 para" for extra income).

    But as most lads take their own on exercise, like potnoodle's, proplus, and a crate of wifebeater in the side bins, you would have to offer somthing a little better than good quality grub, who do you think we are??? We live out the cookhouse as soon as we run out of maccydees' money. Good qual grub is reserved for leaving does, when we're far to drunk to appriciate what we have (then go on the lash, and end up at McD's again)
  9. a small brass bell.

    for informing your batman that his services are required
  10. Are the new rations really that bad?

    I've not had any British rations since 1991. I may be willing to do a swap for some Danish rations if anyone is interested. They're not bad, but are probably the heaviest rat packs in NATO.
  11. Shame, all those huge mountains you have to carry them over.
  12. Breakfast

    Egg Banjo


    Vacuum packed cheesy hammy eggy

    And Dinner should consist of the following....


    A small bottle of Rum


    Vacuum packed egg bangos


    Cheese and Biscuits
    Small bottle of Port

    Oh and an after eight mint.