Goulish Interest and Intrusion of The Bereaved


What the hell is it with some people??

This is from AOL News –

THE brutal murder of a 14-year-old schoolgirl has shocked her local community.

The body of Jodi Jones was discovered by a family friend after she was reported missing from her home in Dalkeith, Midlothian.

Police said she had left home at around 5.30pm on Monday evening and had been due back at 10pm.

When she failed to return, it is understood her mother phoned round friends before contacting the police.

The body of the youngster was found in a wooded area near a path behind Newbattle High School between 11pm and midnight by a family friend.

It is understood Jodi attended St David's Roman Catholic High School in the town.

Counsellors were on hand to comfort shocked pupils at the school today.

The curtains were drawn at Jodi's home in Parkside Place, Easthouses.

Friends and family at the house were too upset to speak. A woman who answered the door at the two-storey semi-detached house said the family was too upset to comment.

An incident room has been set up at Dalkeith police station.

My sincere sympathies to this poor family, I can’t begin to imagine the pain and suffering they must be enduring at the moment.

What the Firkin Hell is anyone doing knocking on the door and disturbing the bereaved parents for comment – this sort of thing gets right up my nose.

For Gods Sake, I wish Journos could try to show bit of compassion and  respect for the feelings of others.

Rant Over!
These are 'journalists', a breed of sh*te which hasn't the first idea about decency, let alone giving a toss about how the families of victims are feeling.  They couldn't care less about that family.  They would have been at that front door within minutes of the police leaving, looking for old photos of the kid or taking new ones of the family.

They're scum and I f*cking hate the basta*ds.  
They're scum and I f*cking hate the basta*ds.

I don't disagree, but we also need to look at ourselves. If the media print this type of intrusion we as the general public consume it creating a market that they want to fill in order to sell their papers. Stop buying the papers and it deprives them of their oxygen..cash. Look what happened to the Sun in Liverpool after Hillsborough, it hardly sold a copy for 3 years and the Sun thought twice about being that intrusive.


It takes a lot to get through to some of these people and only the concerted effort of the buying public will get it through their thick heads!

Unfourtunately there is very little chance of getting combined and co-ordinated protests together, and of course there are some ghoulish sick fcuks out there who lap it all up!

Usually the one's who complain loudest when it happens (unfortunately) to them!
til then they're not people but a story.
 They're just like the ones that slow the traffic almost to a halt at motorway accident scenes. They just want to see blood and broken bodies.
Do the slaes of these papers actually go up when sad/weird stories are printed or is it just the same folk picking up the same thing day in day out? I often wonder if the headlines attract the buyers or if it's a certain type buying the same thing all the time.

Being a scouser I know that the SUN still doesn't do much (if any) business in Liverpool following their appalling coverage of the Hillsborough disaster. Those involved or closely connected will never forget that one.

There was also a lot of criticism following Marc Vivien Foe's tragic death during a match at the Confederations Cup recently. As usual the Sun led with a disturbing photo on the front page. They have been slated for this on the BBC 606 Forums.

I guess some will say anything that grabs the attention is worth it but not to right minded people who wonder what these so called journo's would print if the story concerned their own loved ones.