Gotti/Halliday - Ariston Walt... he goes on and on and on and on and.................

Seems like Gotti (Haliday) is back and up to his normal tricks.

Where we left off last time (see his Walt entry on ARRSEpedia), established he had attempted to join a Para unit of the TA but certainly never passed P Coy or was badged (Funny thing is he is plastering the his Facebook account with a para intake photo which if it is him shows him only as a crap hat).

What else has he been up to?

Seems to be claiming substantial injuries received on active service, posting pictures of 2ème REP (whats that all about?).

Had some intel that he is again approaching cadets (ACF and ATC) to get involved with his fake fund raising.

He is claiming to somehow be in New Zealand but we have it on good authority that he is still larger than life in the Greater Manchester area.

Karle Halliday - ARRSEpedia

What I am really wondering about is why has this sad person missed the attention of either the BBC's Fake Britain or Watchdog programmes?


You would probably find that the ACF already has a reporting procedure in place to notify any approaches.

This was certainly the case in Kent where the ACF had a reporting procedure to keep its distance from Kent based pseudo cadet groups who had an interest in the public confusing them for the real cadets (especially during the bogus group's flag selling days etc)

The two Kent based pseudo cadet groups lost their County Council Youth Group affiliation status in 2003.

I think they had got themselves recognised by what used to be called "Boys Club" and now has a more politically correct name and then used that as a springboard to get KCC recognition.

The pseudo cadets did get public funding which was ended in the late 90s at a vote by Margate Charter Trustees.

Two councillors who voted unsuccessfully to continue public funding are in the news now. One had to stand down as Mayor after a conviction for animal cruelty was gained this year by RSPCA and the other is facing 600 charges of downloading child porn in the most serious categories.

The reassuring bit, for parents of genuine ACF cadets anyway, is that Kent ACF had a reporting and distancing procedure throughout.

The ACF officer concerned has a distinction of two medals for Aden service. One when he was in RN and one later when he had left RN and joined TA and got called up as an "Ever Ready".
I'm waiting again for another illiterate rant through my door that I'm breaching the official secrets act and how his legal team are going to take me to court and how he had to change his name as the IRA are after him and how yet again it's caused him to have fear for is own life.
Was he the muppet tin shaking in Ashton town centre dressed in 95, or was that the other mong?
Have you got anymore info on this chap I'm an AI in GMACF, we have had nothing on orders or through the CoC that would lead us to believe he was approaching cadet detachments, would be grateful so that I know what I'm looking for.


Can we not just kidnap him and send him to do P-Company for real, and not let him quit until he has:
a/ Passed
b/ Passed away.

Just a thought.

Nope he's still there but he's changed his profile picture sharpish - no longer is the walty MOD catalogue picture present but All Blacks Iveco logo.
If you gather the int on a secure means other than posting what you know on the open, he will not keep changing his FB page. Once you have what you need to out him, send it to the press.
That Reni c*nts a right fanny, first bit of trouble off his bird and he bins his account! :)

I did go a bit volcanic last time and almost got an internet telling off so I am going to push a barbed fencepost into my perinium as I type to compensate.

Karl is very, very naughty but the last time he surfaced and after some serious digging by a couple of lads up this way it is plain he is a poorly lad. I think the issue with him is that he uses the dead and all he can dredge up about them to bolster his claims, ie, click the link below..

Sergeant John Manuel of 45 Commando Royal Marines in Arbroath, Scotland. He was killed last Friday by a suspected child suicide bomber as he patrolled the Sangin District of Afghanistan : Royal Marines Home

Top bloke, a proper Arbroath Orphan and deceptively tiny jap slapper, a lot of deep and prolonged upset followed purely down to the quality of the man. Karl however has used his 'decade' long friendship with Manny and Karl's subsequent traumatic issues that he suffers from as a result of the incident, (now prepare to hold your breath in stupefied awe) ....."Manny took my spot on that mission that night as I'd been on the go for nearly a week with SB, I waved the wagon off out of the gates". Or words more or less that effect.

Popular guy is Karl, his other best mate was this completely thoroughbred bootneck who I had the fortune to run ashore with on a mates stag

Ministry of Defence | Defence News | Military Operations | Corporal Liam Elms RM killed in Afghanistan

Same script, "was my best pal, wasnt there to help when I should have been, was stuck at the Tora Bora" what a ****, needs to try and tally his dates and AO's first.

Point being that although the above were my own interpretations of e mails someone showed me last year when the flag went up about him last time he is truly a sick chap, and evidently demented as he yet again tried to pitch up at an RMR det just after New Year with his paramedic quals and his ex para reg background all encased and documented in his rucksack.

Far be it from me, a 'not really real' internet person to cast anything other than apparent aspersions but his life revolves around young people, youth and activity organisations and gaining memberships of said organisations. A worrying trend is that he collects documents with the usual Coy HQ/UOTC/Cadet Unit logos on, with his current name on then chops away at it all until a semblance of a dashing military career is laid out in front of him for pre-teens and impressionable Council sink estate dwellers to be awed and impressed.

Harmless to a degree but a vile little man nonethless, someone definately worthy though of being lightening fed a pint pot in the Boars Head, Stockport on a lazy Sunday afternoon, but not worth the couple of years bang up that would invariably follow.

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