Gott mit uns

I found this web site whilst looking for stuff on the Kaiserlacht.

I thought Arrser's might like it.

A view from the German side. There are some excellent interviews, photos and a very interesting film of normal Wermacht soldiers during barbarossa.

Well worth a look.
The site is valuable for the translations of the veterans accounts at Verdun which are fascinating and not seen elsewhere.
My thoughts entirely. I have always thought that the average tom has the same fears, hopes and needs, whatever the colour of the uniform.
Poigniant bit of trench humour. When noting that belt buckles etc bore the motto 'Gott mitt uns' the response was 'we've got mittens too.'
My father's version (from being there).

German shout; 'Gott mitt uns.'

British reply: 'We've got gloves.'

Fine difference but worth recording the variation.

No evidence the Germans ever got the joke.

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