Gott in Himmel! Commando magazine issue 4000

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by troopie, Apr 27, 2007.

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    Well done to Commando mag for making it to issue 4000. In the current climate of political correctness gone mad, it's refreshing to see such a patriotic institution bucking the trend and continuing to do what it's always done.
  2. Is is really still going??!!

    Amazing . . . .

    Rather a landmark.

    My favourite was Ranks of The Damned. My Pa confiscated that one!
  3. Congrats to them. As you say in this climate of political correctness, however variouse ones I've read painted Germans in a fairly positive light unless they were dyed in the wool Nazis.
  4. Oustanding! I had no idea they were still going - I grew up reading this stuff (and of course the "Master": Sven Hassell). Happy Birthday!
  5. Zum teufel! Nom d'un pipe! Sapristi!

    A mere 100 quid a year will see eight Commando comics a month drop through your letter box! Cor strike a light, as soldiers apparently are wont to say. Funnily enough I made the crew of my command Post "talk like tommies from a Commando war comic" for 48 hours as the result of a wager between myself and my Ack, which obviously I won! They kept it up, even when the Bde commander turned up on a visit...what joy!

    The next wager I lost. I shan't go into the details of their victory but suffice to say my fiance was a little puzzled by the content of my next two or three letters from the front!
  6. Happy memories - I am surprised it survived, with all the classic phrases , like "Achting Spitfire", and "Take that you sausage-eating Hun"
  7. Well done to these guys! I was more of a 'Hotspur' fan myself 'cos it was more 'reading' than looking at piccies as well.

    Much as I can't stand the author, these days, the Harry Potter series keeps a cross section of age groups in touch with the 'word' (yeah yeah I know there are 'sound' versions and what a development that was as well! no complaints from this quarter anyway).

    As I started, very well done!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Gott im Himmel! Donner und Blitzen! Englander! Jerrys! Take that Fritz!
  9. Gott in Himmel! Still going, eh? Well done. (Did I ever tell you I flew with Matt Braddock?)
  10. Achtung! mein Gott...hehehe....nice 8)
  11. I loved the way different nationalities would make different death sounds:

    Germans: ACH!!!

    pebble-glassed Japs: AAAIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!
  12. whenever a frenchman died they always said "Sacre bleu!"
    poncy gits even a good old fashioned death rattle too common for them eh?
  13. :D

    edited to add: and of course, 'Mamma Mia!' for the Western Desert stories..
  14. Can anyone remember what "noise" the weapons made? It's been so long now...
  15. I never realised they were still going. Issue 4000? How do they manage to keep inventing new storylines? They must have covered every 5 minutes of WW2.... LOL