gothpanda ! What is he ?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Certa_Cito, Jan 25, 2008.

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  1. Twät begging for an O2 tag ?

  2. Confused youngster who needs our help ?

  3. Bored ARRSEer who´s on a Wah ?

  1. gothpanda joined us ARRSEers just a few days ago and already has the following threads running:


    The big question here is, what is he ?
    Me personally, I reckon it´s an ARRSEer on a wind up. There again, he may have met Pte Golden and is therefore somewhat confused :D
  2. CR is on tour and is bored!
  3. is it the spawn of duffdike
  4. Im none of those things! I just wnat some info and you lot are all being dicks about it!
  5. Only an ARRSER would ask the gay question and use a Scandinavian Air Systems avatar.

    Come back ChumpyCheeks - all is forgiven.
  6. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Definitely a WAH.

    Deliberate text speak when to inflame, normal english when trying to perpetuate a thread, the usual bites on Paras, Gays and SF. Also has a username that is spawned from the same day two articles are run - one on goths and dog leads and the other about pandas not breeding in zoos.

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :roll:
  7. Bored arrser gets my vote... As i said before, nobody can be THAT stupid or the theory of natural selection needs amending.

  8. Not really mate, we´ve got some right cunts on here as well :D

    The majority of people who join ARRSE usually tend to spend a bit of time getting the feel of the site i.e. eyes and ears open, gob shut. In IT terms, read, learn, ask intelligent questions.

    Jumping in with both feet, even if well intended, can be somewhat risque at the best of times :twisted:
  9. Goth Panda

    Surely it's a large chinese mammal that eats shoots, and wears black eyeliner and has a pale face
  10. But fun!
  11. Exactly... I was months before i popped my posting cherry! And i still haven't started a new thread, because the info i generally require can be found on here already.
  12. OOOOHHHH! Handbags.

    1.Tough. You joined here so be prepared to take some 5hit.
    2. Your spelling is absolutely fcuking atrocious. Are you a real dyslexic?Hope so as you will really have the pi55 ripped out.
    3. I really think you are on a windup. Who would openly admit to having a gay mate on a site that is dominated by hairy-arsed blokes with toned stomachs and taut muscles and lithe thighs who like to wear uniforms all the time.
    4. Join the SAS. No comment.
  13. All depends whether you´re sitting on the fence or getting your arrse flamed :D
  14. Tough day?
  15. Don't know about flamed but roasted? Well, there's a whole new thread Sweet Pea!