Goth murderers sentence reduced

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by SWINDLER, Oct 29, 2008.

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  1. I don't care how they were dressed, these pair of tossers deserve nothing but the rest of their natural life behind bars.

  2. Rather a thousand goths then one hoodie clad chavscum filth, these fcukers should be nailed to the wall, I'll gladly do it...
  3. sadly, nothing new in this country.

    time for a overhaul, starting from the Top.
  4. Seconded. :evil:

    An excellent argument for the return of Capital Punishment - good luck getting THAT sentance reduced, cnut! :twisted:
  5. I was in favour of hanging, drawing & quartering the fcukers but NOOOOO, apprently that violates their human rights or something gay like that, what about the victim's rights not to get kicked to death by inbred ratboy scum?
  6. In this country the Offender's human rights are more important than the Victim's human rights.

    Until society learns that you can't have your human rights protected unless you fulfill you social responsibilities, things won't change.
  7. What an arse of a judge....
  8. Can’t we stick another 18 years on for the attempted murder of her boyfriend as well?

    Why do we even let these people out?!
  9. Couldn't agree more. However, capital punishment is barred by our Euro masters and we'll never see it in Britain again. A whole life tariff will remain the maximum punishment for murder.

    The two 'ratboys' who murdered Sophie Lancaster are about as compelling a case for a whole life sentence that I can think of. They killed her because they didn't like her choice of clothes. David Beckham must be living in fear.

    At her funeral, her boyfriend turned up in a smart suit with a pair of bat wings attached to the back. What the hell's that all about?
  10. It depends who is in power, we are in full capability to reintoduce the death penalty.
  11. 9 months seems a bit of a feck you though may have made a point and the judge looked at the lowest possible reduction
    Goths stupid looking but mostly harmless
    though enough armed could probably do for the scum.
    " your free to go I suggest you run as the 1000 goths out side seem to be a bit more moody than usual but I' sure those katana's there carrying are only for self harming :D "
    Not broken any euro law about death sentences then :twisted:
  12. I agree totally mate, you do wrong you loose the right to human rights cause in my book you aint human
  13. Hate to burst your EU hating bubble but capital punishment was abolished long before we joined the EU (EEC) and being part of that community has nothing to do with justice. What you are looking for is the European Convention on Human Rights which has bugger all to do with the EU which is about shopping not justice. But don’t let facts get in the way of your EU hating rant. And you will also see if you look at it carefully that the minimum sentence is X year before they are eligible for parole. The sentence is life and if they commit any crime after they are let out they go back inside.

    Although locking them up for the rest of their life may seem a good idea, they are likely to live till they are into their 70s and I am not overly keen on paying 1000s for their upkeep every year for 60 years. Although it has been worked out in the US that it is cheaper to keep them locked up for life then kill them as it cost the state a lot to go through the process of killing them.

    The Chinese have a quicker, simpler and cheaper system.
  14. Under Human Rights legislation ' everyone has the right to life'.

    Except of course, the victims of murder.
  15. Human rights legislation is supposed to protect individuals from the state, were the chavs told to kill goths by the state?


    Therefore "human rights" has sod all to do with it.