Goth loner is questioned over letter bombs

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Random_Task, Feb 20, 2007.

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  1. 'Goth loner' is questioned over letter bombs
    Daily Telegraph

    Typical - he's a ginger:
  2. Strange, isn't it? How every victim is a 'bright, bubbly personality with lots of friends and a wonderful future' whilst every suspect is a 'loner'?

    If that were really the case there'd be no need for crimint. Just round up all the loners.

    (No intention to insult the poster by the way, just an attack at media laziness.)
  3. Goth?!? have you ever seen a Goth? He is straight from central casting - crazed, crosseyed, ginger serial killer and a care taker to boot! Its far too obvious - he didn't do it.

    The cops have had him on the books for years to bring out in a PR emergancy, they will quietly let him go after the press have monstered him.
  4. He looks like Harry Potter's mate following an afternoon smoking moroccan woodbines.

    That said, simply for being ginger and cross eyed, he should be locked up.

    (edited to add; )

    The resemblance is uncanny:

  5. That's the least goth looking person I have ever seen.
  6. Jesus Wept it looks like 'Spawn of Hewitt' !
  7. Was he captured due to the fact the bong eyed cunt was putting the stamps on the top left corner upside down?

    If ever a bloke had "I am a frustrated much bullied and soon to crack phsyco" written all over him it's this bloke...

    "Police were first attracted to the residence by the strong smell of ammonia and other chemicals, the neighbours said it had always smelt like that, and just put it down to the occupants having a ginger cunt living there"

  8. Looks like he's got no arms either.
  9. He is a cyclist, apparently
  10. He probably is such a mong that he put "if not delivered please return to" on the bakc of the jiffy bags!!!
  11. He looks like Bill Gates' evil clone.

    This is another strong arguament for legalising the ownership of firearms in this country.

    As things stand, a few unfortunate souls in post rooms got their fingers burned. More liberal gun laws would have allowed him to have a proper breakdown - rampaging through a shopping mall cutting people down with the Uzi he bought via mail order.
  12. I am alone and ginger myself at present; TFB at work, Fenianette at pre-school. I wonder if I have any weed-killer left in the shed? Or I could empty out all those 7s I bought for clay pigeon shooting before deciding I would rather watch paint dry...

  13. The Police and the Tabloids will be around in a jiff...stand by
  14. A spokesperson from the British Council of Ginger Speccy Tw*ts, Colin Colon had this to say:

    "This is another example of how Britain has become a police state for cross eyed geeks. Thee heavy handed way that the police dealt with Miles is just another example of the years of prejudice and exclusion that the ginger speccy tw*t community has suffered."

    When asked whether he condemned the alleged bomb attacks, Mr Colon commented:

    "There are a lot of angry speccy tw*ts in our community who have seen the way that the West persecutes gingers across the world. At worst it is physical abuse, at best it is strange looks or comments about Duracell batteries. I certainly condemn these, and references to bottoms of milk bottles. I regret the suffering of Mr Cooper and other speccy tw*ts and the effect it must have had on him."

    Assitant Chief Inspector Plod had this to say:

    "Blah blah diversity blah, working together blah, outreach programmes blether, appeal for calm to ginger community leaders blah.

    Am I on overtime yet?"

    An ICM poll discovered that 40% of ginger speccy tw*ts want the imposition of Speccy Law in the UK with 55% saying that they felt more ginger than they did British. 30% could not come to the door because it was too sunny and they might burn.

  15. As much as I enjoy reading your posts, come the revolution, you'll be one of the first who's put up against the wall. Nothing personal mind, it's just you're ginger.