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Goth birds thread FFS NO GASH!!!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by joey_deacons_lad, Feb 21, 2009.

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  1. Ok inspired by my love/stalker obsession with Liz Vicious i thought id start a goth chick thread. There must be a few fellow ARRSER's who love these filthy yet crazy ladies. So let have some pic's usual rules apply when posting as the title suggests lets see how far we can make it run or how quick it gets holed
    Starters for Ten
  2. Why are there so many Cahill fans on this forum? Or are you just the same guy but you just keep on changing your Cahill .gifs
  3. Mate, you can't do "Goth birds and no gash". They are, by their very nature, gash showers.

    My eldest is a bit Goth and a fanny magnet. He made the mistake of downloading his phone onto the "Public Folder" of our Network at home. Never have I seen so many Liz lookalikes in my life. Problem was he was 15, as were his birds. Not that I am admitting to w*nking myself stupid over my sons underage porn, but fcuk me, even a horny spanish gardener with a 8" schlong couldn't have dragged me away.

    If you have a Goth daughter, I pity you.

    And I've probably tugged over her.
  4. Well it's worth a try and do you have any pics left over you could pm me? i have no kids but would be happy to take your lad out on the p1ss if he can throw some cast offs my way
  5. My effort

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  6. Stella, it's cruel to tell us you have these pics and not share a few of them
  7. A few more
    Every one guaranteed to break your heart and fcuk your life up but you still would
  8. Oh dont fucking start me....

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  9. heh, Ill need a new photobucket.
  10. Iv'e got to say.

    Even that I know that the picture below is a porn star


    And that I could watch her being nailed anywhere.

    I am driblbing like a freshly fcuked minge.

    Some birds just have it, and she's got it in fcuking spades.
  11. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Porn you say?

    Any idea of some of the productions she has been in? Purely to cast a professional 'eye' over of course...
  12. Of course she is a porn star i luuurve her and would suck another mans DNA out of her hoop if she asked me
  13. liz vicous is a fcuking minx ive downloaded every movie shes been in (illegally of course)
  14. could this turn into a Liz appreciation thread? Well she deserves one i reckon she is every mans wet dream come true
  15. Introducing a Miss Avril, not the irritating singing variety but one who takes their kit off. Win!

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