Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Apr 26, 2005.

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  1. In UK, HAVE received poll card

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  2. In UK, HAVE received postal ballot paperwork

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  3. Overseas, HAVE received postal ballot paperwork

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  1. Many residents in UK should have received within the past few days:

    Either their Official Poll Card (for those who will be voting at the polling station);

    Or their postal ballot paperwork.

    If you have a proxy arranged, your proxy should have received the poll card or postal ballot papers, as appropriate. Check that they have, and make sure they know how you want them to vote or how you will give them your final instructions.

    If you want to arrange a new proxy or postal vote, your application must be in by 1700 TODAY Tuesday 26th April. (LINK)

    The aim of the poll attached to this post is to give everybody else an idea of when to expect the paperwork, and when to contact the Returning Officer's staff if the paperwork is late. Expected postal delays with paperwork sent overseas will be included in our post-Election submissions to the Electoral Commission etc.
  2. Hackle

    ref your last sentence - delay in receipt of the papers is one issue, but the delay in return is another. From your seemingly extensive research into matters psephological ......

    Is it possible to confirm that your postal vote was included in those counted ?.

    Is it possible to check whether your vote has been used (and whether in person, by post, or by proxy) ?.
  3. An excellent question whiffler and ... self-edit: CLICK HERE FOR UPDATE

    Others will be different but my own experience is that I did not usually pay much attention to how long mail was taking from UK to theatre and back. VB's recent reports from Iraq suggest that it can take a shockingly long time on occasion. Guidance has been issued to BFPO about postal ballot paperwork, but only to treat it as first class/airmail.

    I strongly suspect that in previous elections, individuals may have believed that their vote counted when in fact it did not arrive in time. Hence my consistent recommendation that those who are overseas should consider arranging a proxy rather than a postal vote, if at all possible.
  4. Good to note from the poll that someone overseas HAS received their postal ballot paperwork.
  5. It's me, I got it yesterday, but I'm a civvy...
  6. Not yet! :roll: Will let you know when it gets here. I won't be holding my breath. :!:

  7. Thanks stoatman. This poll is for everybody, but maybe I should have included a separate question for those who got the papers via BFPO. No surprise, then, as to whether civ airmail or BFPO got there first,
  8. Where are you Stoaty? I'm still waiting for mine, overseas via civ airmail.
  9. I have not received mine yet, nor has anyone else I know here in Iraq. Must be something to do with the 'priority mail' service....
  10. Thanks VB. :(

    Might be worthwhile if chaps in Iraq, Afghanistan etc keep us posted from time to time, as we did with the "LEAFREPs" and "NOLEAFREPs".

    In your case sadly it could just be a case of "NOVOTE". I hope not.
  11. Think it's the same for every theatre of operations.

    BFPO - Better F***ing Pray, Out
  12. I'm in Holland.

    My seat is safe Tory, so I expected no funny-business & a prompt delivery!
  13. I'm delighted to report that postal forms for both the council and national elections have arrived, and will be sent off tomorrow.

    Hackle - it may well have been said elsewhere, but thanks for flagging this issue up so effectively. The only reason I knew about registration, and completed it, was 'cos of your efforts to shine a light on the subject. I still haven't seen one of the (mythical?) leaflets, and my vote would have been lost if it wasn't for your posts on ARRSE. It sucks that so many of us have effectively been disenfranchised by the system, and you get a big pat on the back for all you've done.

    Cheers, mate!
  14. Thanks a lot Donny. Joint effort.

    And I do note - yet another serviceman who never saw the leaflet, but IS registered and voting due to ARRSE.
  15. Whiffler,
    I would have thought that as each postal vote envelope will have your name, address and unique postal ballot number on the outside of the return envelope, it should be easy to find out after the election if your vote was received and indeed counted.
    Another thing to do to ensure that the envelope arrives at the office of the Returning Officer is to register the envelope and follow up the next day or so to see if it was signed for.
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