Got your Veterans Badge ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blagsta, May 18, 2007.

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  1. No, although entitled but not claimed yet.

  2. Yes, Entitled and claimed.

  1. Inspired by another topic.

    Have you got your Veterans badge.

    Ya boo sucks...I have.
  2. Arrived 2 days before I left the services
  3. Yes thanks I put it with my Liverpool08 ambassadors badge and I love tufty.
    I nearly broke it geting it out the box though....doh.
  4. So when is this bloody big dig going to be finished?? :)

    Got mine with my red book about six months after I left by the way, coincidently wore it for the first time today to see a client who also happened to be wearing one.
  5. Got mine two days ago.
  6. My single working brain-cell cannot understand how someone can be 'veteran' when they are still 'serving'.

    I will not apply for mine (service Oct '61 to Mar '97 qualifies me I think) because it would imply approval of something initiated by this disgraced, dishonest, repellent, squalid government.
  7. Your having a laugh, a veterens badge....what next a council tax badge for all those who have paid it since its conception, get a grip.. Medals have value for those who earned them...a badge for those who didnt get off our shores or see combat/operations is a bit naff and demeaning to those who did
  8. So you dont have one then!

    How do you know what I have or have not earned or where Ive been & what Ive done, you sad fcuk

  9. Could that also apply to those who have the LSGC.....and never been in combat!!!!!
  10. It's an easy one Gimp503, if you're entitled to one and think it demeans you don't apply for one, on the other hand you could be a civvie c*nt thats not entitled anyway.
  11. You missed a couple of options there: Yes - Entitled and not arrsed. No - Not entitled and still not arrsed.
  12. Got mine, whats to protocol on wearing it
  13. The protocols are:

    i) You must be over 18st.
    ii) Be at least forty years of age.
    iii) Still live with your parents.
    iv) Have no fashion sense.
    v) Have questionable personal hygene.
    vi) Have purchased said item of eBay.
    Vii) Have served at least three years in 49 Para.
    Viii) Have no other tokens of service to be proud of.
  14. Cow

    Cow LE

    Got mine, not worn it yet.