Got up to watch F1 qualifying 03:00hrs

I just had to get up and watch the F1 qualifying early this morning, although i feel quite tired this morning it was well worth it, if the qualifying was anything to go by the race is going to be brilliant.

The ferrari cars seem to have the edge but not by much, massa had a bad qual session as he had some mechanical problems and only managed to qual 16th.

As for the brits DC qaulified 19th but is much faster and i can see him roaring through the field. JB got 14th spot, not to sure about that car this year as i think they should be faster judging by thier technical team they have. AD realy quick in the super aguri honda he managed 11th but was 4th fastest in the warm up sessions. Last but not least LH he got a solid 4th possition on the grid and is definitely going to give double world champion Alonso a run for his money.

The race starts at 03:00hrs sunday morning :yawnstretch: . i know i know i am realy sad but i will be getting up watch it.

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Not sad at all, pi$$ed off BFBS don't show the qualifying at least i'll see the race at 0300 tomorow.

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