Got To love This..cant make it up..

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Dec 20, 2007.

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  1. I love this.. the Soap Opera that is America just gets weirder and funnier..
    trailer trash Icon Slutney Spears just manages to dodge pregancy rumours when it is announced that her 16 year old little sister is up the stump compliments of her 18 year old Boyfriend who's been ' part of the family' since she was fourteen..


    Mummy Spears' publishers have put her book on " Parenting skills ' on hold until Jamie and Britney get their act/life together and weather this latest bit of titillating gossip mongering ..

    and the checkout counters sell out of ' celebrity news' magazines as I type..rife with the latest ' breathless prose ' on the fecundity of American pop idols..[ bet Dinseycorp is scrambling its legion of PR flacks to put a positive spin on all this for the legion of Jamie Spears fans who breathlessly watch her ' Family channel ' show "Zoey 101 " and buy copious Disney crap....]

    If you wrote this as a story it would be unbelievable - no one would accept that a family could have such a shallow gene pool..still they hail from Looosiana, so need I say more?
  2. English please?
  3. Him is informing that Slutty Spears little sister likes c0ck but fails to plays safe.
  4. I was going to by Mater Spears book. I really want to be a good parent, and I was hoping it would provide some good pointers.
  5. Interesting,thanks for the insight from your trailer park,much appreciated.
  6. It was going fine until I reached the end of the first paragraph (at least, I think it was a paragraph. My eyes started to bleed a bit after that.
  7. You smoke too much skunkmy friend