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Got to hurt - with pictures

"Senior admin officer at the museum, Rod Botha, said the suspect broke down the back door to the museum. The alarm went off and the man apparently got a fright and ran away."

Looks like a touch of Karma here, he broke down their back doors and it looks like he has now got an extra set of his own. :lol:


Book Reviewer
He'll be putting a health and safety claim in for the wounding and 'hurt feelings' caused by the railings (a la the thief who successfully sued the owner of the house he was burgling when he fell through the skylight and cut himself on kitchen knives). And he will probably win, costing the tax payer more. Would have been easier for all involved to let him rot in situ. Preferably with a sign around his neck saying 'fcuking thieves get what for' :twisted:
box-of-frogs said:
Gren said:
Good, serves the cnut right.
Took the words right out of my mouth. Shame the NHS will have to look after him......
I think that's East London in South Africa ... no NHS! And the museum will probably get an award from the local police and the SA HSE will probably commend them for having a sturdy fence.

At least when he recovers and does go to prison, his first shower rape should be a breeze ... what with now possessing an XXXL arrsehole :D

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