Got to be a top Arrse stocking filler!

Commando": The Dirty Dozen: The Best 12 "Commando" Books of All Time

'Achtung!', 'Gott in Himmel!', 'Donner und Blitzen!' For the generations of men whose obsession with military history was triggered by reading war comics in their youth, here at last, is Commando's ultimate collection of Second World War stories. The Dirty Dozen showcases the best of the best - and 25 per cent bigger than the originals, so old guys can read the strips without their glasses! Chosen by current Editor George Low, the brilliantly drawn stories in this classic collection range from backs-to-the-wall heroics at Dunkirk and Battle of Britain dogfights, through desert warfare in North Africa and daring commando raids behind enemy lines, to tough battles across Europe from D-Day to VE Day. For everyone whose comic-book battle lust has ever been stirred by Nazi cries of 'Die! Englischer schweinhund', The Dirty Dozen will transport them right back into fictional combat situations they'd forgotten were so much fun. Aaarrghh!
i've just come in my pants .... if this is true i'll be happy as f uck ... every child i know will recieve one with the Christmas message

"Take that Jerry" :D
Saw it at Ottackers bookshop yesterday and rang my Mother so she could get it for me. Still remember the gallant Kiwi fighting the Japs and the Jap Colonel calling out 'Banzai, he fights like a bear!'

Christmas has come early.
black_taxi said:
should that not "vhere, vhere und vhen" ????
Sorry I am bored

LOL :D :D Just ran down to WHSmiths... yes brothers, it is true, much bigger than I thought and packed full of hetro manliness, training pamphlets for the youth of today "you lousy squareheads you just killed the bravest guy in the British Army"

Poppy said:
I was sent a flyer for a book called "How to stage a military coup: from planning to execution" by Ken Connor and David Hebditch. Has anyone read it? - is it worth putting on my list for Santa Claus? :lol:

available from
Couldn't ARRSE send CGS a copy for Christmas.. Hey lets hold our own regime change in the new year
have just seen an A4 hard back 'shoot annual' sized ww2 cartoon book. It is quite a reasonably historically accurate book, but done in good 'got in himmel' style. looks like a fantastic piece for indoctrinating youth brought up on eco-warrior action man (damn funny toilet read too!)
Great link - just need huge copies of warlord and Battle and that will be me back to 11 years old and stuck in bed with Yellow Jaundice again.

Ah - the memories!!


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Battle Comic Library and Victor were always in the pile in the corner of my bedroom as a youngster - might have to get this

Captain Hurricane ?

'Eat lead squareheads! '

Le Chevre