Got The Call

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by gemsipot, May 21, 2009.

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  1. Got the call ( whilst on the freeking tredmill )

    Pirbright 22nd June :D

    Joining REME :D
  2. Congrats!! Wish you the best of luck.
  3. Congrats .. I just passed out of Pirbright. First 7 weeks are a bit of a shock to the system but the last 7 will fly by. Are you doing 3 weeks PT then starting your 14 weeks? wish you the best of luck : )
  4. no i'm just doing the 14 weeks. I'm a bird lol..!

    Well done for passing out, seems like a huge milestone i bet..!

    i'm kinnda crapping it now , so much to sort out, and stuff to buy..!

    thanks for the wishes of good luck..! here's hoping i pass out too ( not literally )lol
  5. Feck me, Congrats my dear, hopefully get a chance to see you again, you were one of the good ones ;) welldone!!!! x
  6. Fair play to you!!! Good luck and give it your all!! :D
  7. congrats. enjoy it :) xXx
  8. gemsipot what are you joining reme as?
  9. Congrats, Ive just had the call also, Bassingbourne 30th May, Chosen job Metalsmith. :D
  10. My brother was telling me about the 3/4 weeks PT he had to do before basic. Is that your choice or not?
  11. Not sure everyone gets the choice or will have to do it but I heard of a few who went early ahead of the rest of the intake to do it. It's still only a trial at the moment I think, though it may well become compulsory for everyone or maybe just those who need it.

  12. double posted
  13. My step-bro did it before basic 10 years ago. Described it as 4 weeks of torture, but in a good way.
  14. i was born in 83!! lol