Got sworn in to the TA today

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Flyboy583, Mar 25, 2009.

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  1. Just thought I would say hi.. I got sworn into the TA today.. now the long road of training starts.. I am smiling from ear to ear!! I cant wait :D

    Any hints tips for the next phase of training would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. Well as you're now in the TA the following applies;
    i)You no longer have any friends outside the TA, socialising with 'ordinary' people is strictly verboten.
    ii)You will spend large amounts of your wages to provide yourself with 'gucci' kit or anything that makes you look 'well ally'.
    iii) The TA will become the main focus of your life, your normal job is to support your blossoming TA career.
    iv)Your vocabulary will now change considerably much to the confusion of civilian acquaintances (see point i, you no longer have civilian friends) and you will start using TLAs at every opportunity.
    v)Moaning and whinging about 'civvies' will become your default setting.
    vi)50% of all your conversations will begin with 'In the TA....'

    Welcome to the TA!
  3. 118 got your number :D
  4. 118 Rec Coy eh? What a small world.
    That's the very company where I last wore my ginger suit and handed my ID card in to.Fond memories.
    Hope you do well young lad, enjoy learning your trade and volunteer for everything!
  5. haha too true.. :oops:
  6. If you're going to be a stinking RM then you may aswell start scuffing your knuckles now - it'll hurt less when they start dragging on the floor.
  7. Congratulations, you get to swear a lot now too !
  8. Welcome :)

    You'll soon notice that you start running your life like a full scale military operation...

    I think it hard to do anything without doing it "orders style"

    In my last meeting at civi job I said "morning I'm XX, on my left is the account dept. in front is purchasing and to my right are marketing.... (you will all be known as 1,2 and 3 section!)

    In front of you you'll see a Powerpoint presentation of this years budget, 1 Section you will destroy the laptop/presentation if Public Affairs should gate crash the meeting room!

    Honestly, this happens... last night I did the shopping in the style of a section attack, it actually worked, apart from when the wife decided to cross my arc with the shopping trolley so I took her out.

    P.S. ok I'm bored.
  9. chain dragger eh . good for you mate good luck
  10. Looking at your location its not to late to look at the Infantry 7 Platoon
    3 Royal Anglian parade same night and location as 118

    You no it makes sense come and look at the dark side

    PM if interested
  11. Hi guys,

    Sorry for the late reply..

    2 weeks in and absolutely loving it.. We had our first PT session last night and all I can say is that I have some bloody work to do!!

    I think TA will quickly take over my life :D :twisted:
  12. Check you PMs you know you want to
  13. Welcome too from me. Ditto about talking TA LOL; my kids are now quite used to hearing the command "with a side full of pots and pans... dishwasher.... wit for it, wait for it..... make safe!" :lol:
  14. well done flyboy