Got snapped by a speed camera, help!!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bravo2nothing, Sep 7, 2005.

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  1. Got snapped to day on the bike doing approx 50mph in a 40, anyone got any get out of jail free cards or advice that they could share?

    Especially relevant to the plod that reside on this board!!!!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. msr

    msr LE

  3. lol don't speed. 3 points and £60.
  4. There might be some info you can use on this site

    Web Page Name
  5. Nothing funny about doing 50 in a 40 limit on a motorbike; I bet you're one of those blokes who overtakes on bends as well.
  6. As John Cleese said " Your facking nicked me old beauty"
  7. i have a PDF document that is pretty good and shows ways of avoiding it if it comes, if you want it email me your address by PM and ill mail it you. if you hear nothing within 2 weeks your in the clear. they have to inform you within that time frame.

    let me know
  8. Percy, obviously you must be a Saint. Take your halo off, doesn't suit your long neck!

    The camera was over the gantires on the M25 Surrey stetch, not in built up area and the traffic was clear and free flowing.

    ArmySurplusSpecial, Thanks, I'll do that!
  9. or one of those spanners who does 40 in a 30 zone, Commit the crime and do the time...
  10. Find a friend with a bike licence, admit that either you or your friend was riding and speeding, but make it abslutely clear that you cannot be sure which one of you was riding your bike at that particular spot as you'd been trying out each others bike.

    Send both licences and a postal order for the fine, thay cannot endorse both licences for tha same offence......

    Of course you can simply refuse to fill in the Notice of Intended Prosecution, under Article 6 of The European Convention on Human Rights NIP's are illegal as they force you to confess to a crime. Going down this route can lead to an awful lot of hassle. Uncle Tony has declared that UK law takes precedence over international law when it comes to little things like Speedcamera profits

    Its 28 days they have to inform you
  11. You two clowns obviously know me, have been riding with me and have the ability to read minds.

    "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone"
  12. You obviously haven't done time in Germany, speed limits are there for the safety of us all, not for you to make an assessment and interpret in your own manner. I am sure that the vast majority will agree that you deserve to be nicked.

    For the record I was nicked for speeding not long ago just outside Prague (at the end of a long drive and I wasn't concentrating) - on the spot fine and a swift reminder that I needed to take a break.

    Stop whinging and pay up.
  13. Chucks hoofing great rock at everyone.

    You could of course hope that the camera has no film in it! Speed on its own does not kill-inappropiate use of speed does.
    Lets be honest here- who actually sticks to 70 mph on the motorway? Honestly? On a Friday afternoon going weekenders? Motorway speedlimits need to be reviewed.

    Of course, if you are speeding in built up areas then you deserve to get done and have the book chucked at you but on empty motorways? C'mon!
  14. What on earth are dribbling on about? Germany? Of what relevance is your labourious point? As a matter of fact I have "done time" in Germany and your comment still means nothing. As far as deserving to be "nicked," until it is proven that the speed cameras were in fact on for a reason, not left on by some mindless idiot in the highways agency or there was a technical fault with the variable speed limit, don't start throwing stupid, pointless statements about. Qualify what it is you know, once you realise it is nothing that should compel you to shutup.
  15. what cant you read!! speed limits are there for a reason if you break em and get caught, tough titty!! stop going on about it and pay the fine. what you asking on here for, you an illiegal immigrant or something!