Got religion?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by g2_loony_bin, Apr 19, 2007.

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  4. Jew

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  5. Humanist

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  7. Muslim

  8. Fundamentalist (please specify)

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  1. Because I certainly don't!

    An athiest all the way for me! How about everyone else? What are your beliefs and why?

    Please by all means slag religion off in this thread because I intend to as well. I don't think it has a place in modern society and undermines the progression of the human race.

    Be serious, be funny, take the piss.

    Christianity sucks mighty arrse!!
  2. Christian.

    Tho' I'm wondering why your voting categories distinguish between that and Catholic. 8) :lol:

    There are various forms of catholicism, of which the Roman Obedience is only one.
  3. Then perhaps specification is order for the uneducated (me)...?
  4. I've got the whole doctor thing going on.

    I refuse to believe in something I've absolutely no proof for whatever.

    I do however believe that if a patient thinks that religious beliefs help them and it has the psychosomatic effect on them then fine!
  5. I like to call myself a humanist.............I suspect G2 looney bin that you like to be called a smart arse bugger.......haven't you got any work? :D
  6. Speak for yourself!
  7. Thank God I'm an Atheist.
  8. Hindu? Jedi? Protestant?
  9. Read my sig.
  10. All of them?
  11. All religious fundamentalists should be rounded up and buggered to death by large, atheist rugby players.

    Does that make me "intolerant"? Don't care. Fcuk 'em. Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, Baptist, Eastern Orthodox...fcuk the entire big shiny rainbow of 'em. Religious fundies are the cause of most of the world's misery.

    I was raised in a very religious environment, and in spite of this I do still practice some Christian (and native religious) principles. I believe in a higher power, based on my own personal experiences. But that's me. Nobody else has to be on board with it. I have nothing but contempt for people that are so weak-minded they need a set of laws carved in stone to tell them how to think...and have the nerve to condescend to people who don't agree as somehow not "getting it."

    But what do atheists shout out during sex?
  12. How does the Christian Psychiatrist decide that his patient is cured?

    When the patient tells him the name of his imaginary friend is JESUS :lol:
  13. Iam a devout Last Minute redemptionist. God loves a reformed sinner so I live a sinful lager fueled existence safe in the knowledge that my recorded video confession and plea for forgiveness will get me into heaven. It is a win win I truly recommend!
  14. I see a divine being in the mirror every morning.

    Wonder who it is?
  15. Whats the difference you/they are all misguided fools. However if it makes you feel any better to think you will live forever I see no harm in it as long as you keep it to yourselves......