Got promoted........Getting paid less?

I was recently promoted to Cpl and today I checked JPA to see if it had been updated with my new rank, etc

To my surprise, I found out that I am only acting until I complete a course I finished 9 months ago but hasn't been put on my record. The course ( JNCO CC) does not even exist on JPA so my regiment have no way of adding it to my record!!!

My salary has changed from £27051 (High band L8 LCpl) to £25887 (Low band L1 Cpl)

I am also on record as only being a RAC Crewman 2 as opposed to Crewman 1

My unit say this is all down to HQ Drac in Bovington not putting the course on JPA but that doesn't address the fact that I am out of pocket.

Anyone have any Ideas on how I can sort this out as everywhere I try reckons it's someone elses job to fix it

I thought you were supposed to get something like a minimum 2% rise on any promotion other than local?

If moving across bands, this would mean moving across to the level that was the next amount up from the amount already being paid? Did that make sense?
e.g. LCpl Level 8 high band £X to Cpl level y = X+min2% low band
Courses are irrelevant in this case i would say.

When i got my second i went from level 7 lower to level 3.
Correct - Minimum 2%. Spk to either the JPAC or you unit HR.

The acting rank will not have any affect, although your MCM Div at Glasgow will update your sub rank details when your CLM etc is on JPA.

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