Got myu Basic date !

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by DJ_Wilson, Mar 16, 2009.

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  1. HEy up all hope this is the right place to post this but i have my Basic date on the 14th ! total excited im going to miss my mammy tho. Any else got basic on that date ? we could be BASIC BUDDIES :D
  2. Either a Wah or a disabled person with Internet access, you decide.
  3. You're allowed to take her with you.
  4. Basic Buddies...fcuking hell, dont drop yer soap in front of this guy in the showers !! Is yer mammy a milf ? :twisted:
  5. Are rubbish! I was gonna call the WAH!
    I bow down to your speed
  6. IM disabled !

    wat is a WAH ?

    be nice you big meanie hidding behind your firewalls thinking your tough
  7. I am tuff, i didnt cry for my mum once !! :roll:
  8. Is that coz u eat angus burgers ?
  9. Hahaha. It's a WAH. Own up Flash!
  10. this is someone on a wind up!no one could be this retarded. 8O
  11. WOW ur internet lingo is so much more alpha than the 4chan lingo other interweb users use. I must find out more

    What is a WAH ?
  12. 14th of what num nuts please don't say june
  13. yeah june 14th did i not put it on the first post ?
  14. plus it is in my sig !
  15. You guys will make great basic buddies....long showers together etc hehehhehee