got my selection thursday lichfield just abit of info needed

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by killergibbo, Apr 10, 2007.

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  1. well got my selection cant wait really....but just want to make sure am tip top on everything needed.

    i want to take my mini case the ones you take on holiday that you always carry your shoe's round in well is that ok to use for all my stuff as i aint really got nothing else.

    plus is anyone else going to be there am coming from leicester so am planning on getting there a hour early just to be safe

    apart from that i think am fully prepared any advice anyone can give will be great cheers peeps
  2. Do you really always carry your shoes around with you on holiday?

    Just a thought, but have you considered wearing them next time?

    Otherwise, if you can fit everything in the case, then yes. You are not being assessed on your luggage.

    Best of luck!

  3. just dont want to look a gimp pulling a case round lol
  4. ahahaha
  5. woot only a few hours to go now!!! i cant wait really lol seems kind of weird

    well ill post the results up friday

    just want to say thanks for all the info and replys to topics i have made in the past few month's. thanks people
  6. Not_observed your from lestaaaar and your in 2RTR? where abouts if you don't mind me asking only im a fox and going 2RTR n all(at AFC)
  7. just a update got back from selection today at half 6 lol....

    anyways i got 9.25 on mile and half run very chuffed with the result now its just a waiting game for winchester wooot woott
  8. congratulations mate. Good luck at Winchester. How many heaves, just out of interest?
  9. only 10 lmao
    i did really shit at my maths test tho only got 15 right lmao.that was the only thing i was worryd about and i passed so i was over the moon...
  10. Hi,

    Well done, big relief eh!? Can you tell me, what ground is the 1.5 mile run done over at Lichfield, circuit or straight out and back again?

    You mentioned a maths test, I didn't realise one was done during selection, any surprises with this?


  11. at lichfield the running ground aint stright so get running some hill's as theres a little hill that u will need to run up 2 times before u finsh...

    yes i was shocked about the maths test but you only have to take it depending on your job choice and mine was RAC.....but then again i got 15 out of about 60 right lmao and i still passed maybe because my fitness was level A
  12. Thanks for the reply, as long as the hill is not too big should be OK. Anyway, thought the BFT was always run on fairly flat surface?



  13. There are two things in the army, what is supposed to happen, and what really happens. Id learn that pretty quickly if i were you.

    Another example, your supposed to get a full nights sleep every night during training...........
  14. look if your worryed about hills then the army aint for you.....because hills are a key factor and your going to be using then weather you like it or not....just get out there and train up on some hills