Got my introduction weekend, this weekend!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by cc123, Mar 21, 2007.

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  1. Well its took from the end of January till now to fill out all the paper work and pass my medical and now intro weekend is upon me....

    Just getting rid of the cold too so not trained all week...

    So what can I expect to be doing?
  2. It differs depending on who you joined.

    My first weekend consisted of sitting with a bunch of highly suspicious people most of whom were not even interested in joining. One was naively open about her regular drug use, one was morbidly obese but in complete denial, another woke me up at 3am with a red head torch on suggesting we go for a run before reveille. My favourite was the girl who had panic attacks when put under mild pressure (she wanted a commission). I liked them all immediately.
  3. M&C - that sounds like the kind of people I joined the TA with!
  4. For me my first weekend consisted of;

    Some written tests on the Friday night
    A fry up on Sat morning and then a couple of lectures
    Watched the Manchester derby whilst waiting for medical
    Medical done, then onto steak and chips for lunch
    Interview then got changed to go to gym
    Did nothing in gym although were shown what pressups/situps looked like
    Another meal
    A few beers

    Little bit of drill on Sunday morning then off home

    I thought it was great! I got my name down TAFS2 as soon as I could.
  5. Following on from M&C's post each course does seem to be issued some 'characters' - pick from ;

    the morbidly obese individual
    someone whose snoring shakes the very foundations of the room you're bunked in
    some who thinks that marching 'looks silly' and thus might not take their involvement any further
    an individual who'll tell you excitedly what they hope to do in the TA but you realise they've been somewhat misled
    people for whom the evening in the NAAFI appears to be the first time they've been allowed to drink alcohol unsupervised.....but you'll spot them more easily the next morning !
  6. As easy as that then!?!

    Just shaking off the cold and was expecting a tough training weekend to see what I was made of TBH so glad its not too full on...

    Fairly relaxed weekend then?
  7. It sounds like you’re talking about the RSW (Recruit Selection Weekend).
    If so then it will be nothing more than an assessment of you to see if you’re reasonably fit, a team player, and not a total fruit loop.

    Enjoy it, it’ll be one of the easiest weekends you’ll do with the TA.
  8. Just joined 4 Para, had my first weekend three weeks ago. Started off watching about 3 hours of videos about the parachute regiment, done a BFT and then lots of really boring classes on health and saftey, equality and diversity, the structure of the Brittish Army and rank structure, on the Sat night we had a good sesh in the bar. On sun we went out for some pretty hard phys first thing then got some lessons on webbing and were shown two versions of the 5.56 A2. On the whole really boring although the food was top notch.

    weekend 2 - fcuk me totally different ball game, sorted out the men from the boys!!
  9. death by Power Point
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah....and me my sides are splitting!

    Weekend 2 - Intro to tabbing. It barely separates the fat wheezy bloater with glasses from the more usual specimens of the human race. You have a long way to go snapper, and it gets a lot harder from here on in.
  11. What about the ones the TA rejected?
  12. Ha, you jest but......the morbidly obese fella did get rejected only to reapply with REME who passed him. I bumped into him later on when he was on his first weekend on Module 2 of Officer Training, vomiting up for an hour after a short jog from the ranges. He's not reappeared with the RTC, but I'm sure he'll still be in the system. Somewhere.

    The others probably went directly to the Paras, to try and sort that tricky man/boy issue. Apparently it's some sort of different ball game.
  13. the best advice anyone can offer is to keep ur head down, dont sit at the back of any class (you get picked on by the speaker more), get to bed as early as you can, :yawnstretch: get up at reveille not b4, do everything at mk10 never walk, be where your required to be at least 5 mins early, carry about ten pens, focus on what your there to do (becoming militarized nothing else), you only get out what you put in ............................. most of all enjoy!

    if you bare in mind that after you finish recruit training the really good stuff starts then you will do well. for me it was all good so it just got better n better we got an ace sarnt major (bit of brown nosing!) who asked me to do a job that i wanted so life is good........but it can always get better.

    swords of power rule!!!!!
  14. That ones me!
  15. I know the early weekends seem easy now but at the time they weren't. I remember my first field weekend. Non-tactical harbour, no inspection in the morning just a laid back teach on morning routine, 3 mile speed march without weight, triangular navex on open ground in pairs. Piece of p1ss.
    Probably the most stressful weekend I've done though. There are loads of little things that it's easy to forget were strange once: sleeping outside, remembering which bivvy the person you need to wake for sentry is in, being shouted at, running in boots, running in time with some short legged PTI. Maybe it's not so bad if you've got a mil background but I didn't.
    Yes it gets harder from then on but the learning curve is never so steep.