got my interveiw!! What to expect.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by green545, May 1, 2008.

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  1. I have been given a date (next wednesday) for both my interveiws and the maths/english test together (kill two birds and all that).

    I was just wondering what to expect, im aware to wear a suit but what will be the structure of the two interveiws are they the same but with different people?

    Im well pleased as all im waiting for then is a date for selection which i can't do untill aug as i have been defered untill then for medical reasons which gives me 3 months to get super fit after busting my knee at rugby.

    Cheers for any comments fella's. :D
  2. Just go to your second interview in trackie bottoms and a football shirt of your choice... and you should be fine! (assuming you want a hiding off your CA and his Sgt Maj., etc. :D )
  3. At wot point reading my post did i ask for a stupid comment. Thanks for your words of wisedom but im fully aware of what i need to wear. :x
  4. Well the literacy and numeracy tests are really easy, so no need to worry really.

    I've got my first interview on Tuesday, so I'll let you know ;)
  5. Don't take it to heart mate, the most serious posts get sarky comments but that's all part of the fun lol Have to learn to take it on the chin and join in with it all. Anyways good luck with your interview, you too ash
  6. Yeah mate, if you can't take a bit of light hearted banter here... well you know the rest.

    And thanks derder
  7. fella's, im sorry for the sharp talk. ive just had an argument with my ex wife and that was the first thing i read when getting off the phone. so please take my appoligie's.

    Good luck with the interveiw and let me know what happens. :eek:
  8. important



    which is why i am so great. good luck with your interview.

    women , cant live with them cant live without them
  9. C'mon now private---pile, don't mince your words just give it to us straight :p
  10. you know you agree!
  11. Shall do fella.