Got My Initial Interview On Monday. What Can I Expect?

Discussion in 'New Zealand' started by gendit, Mar 16, 2010.

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  1. Cricky it was quick.
    Put in an application on line last week and they want to see me on Monday.

    Anyone give me a heads-up as to what to expect in the interview?

    Cheers for your time.
  2. In NZ or UK?
  3. I'm serving in the Uk, haven't even got my chit in.

    Hopefully going over to NZ.
  4. Gendit it would be nice to know how the interview went, i'm thinking about a possible move to nz in the future.
    All the best einbierbitte
  5. The interview went well, couldn't take the wife but they seemed ok with that. If you want anymore info onit just ask. Beware they only come over once a year now to do the interviews.
  6. Gendit,
    Got my interview this year, any more info on your interview would be great. Are you in NZ now?

    Any info taken