Got my BARB tomorrow!!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by BornSlippy, Jun 25, 2008.

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  1. Well nervous! Finally, seems things are starting to roll! Hope I do good! I've come to the decision the army is where I want to be no matter if I get enough points for the job I wish to do, so If I don't meet the requirements then Im going for a primary combat type job like infantry, the paras maybe (if your gonna do it why not be the best?).

    Can someone tell me, if they know, how many points are required to open up the opportunity to work in the royal engineers as an armoured eng or fitter gen?
  2. From the list given to me by my recruitment sergeant in March, Armoured Engineer requires a General Training Index of 53. Fitter General for some reason doesn't appear to be on my list, but all other RE jobs aside Driver Op are listed as 47 GTI. Piss easy to get, then.
  3. Alrite thanks alot matey boy!
  4. hey,
    good luck with your barb test it's a piece a piss mate, you get points for bieng quick aswel.Your basic skill's test wil be next they are also a piece piss general maths and english.

    im just ahead of you im waiting to hear a selection date as soon as my medical questionaire gets recieved which i handed in thurs 19th jun 08 its a slow process....
  5. Me too! :D
    How far into the process of joining up are you?
  6. Erm not far at all- just been working on fitness. Going to AFCO tomorrow to kick start everything off and get forms to fill in. I was going to wait till I get back from holiday but it's going to take ages anyway so better get started soon as. Can't wait! What about you
  7. Just got back! I got 54 on the BARB test which I was told is above average so I am not too displeased. I expected to get higher but at least my job options are open to me!

    My 1st: RE - Armoured engineer
    2nd: SIGS - Driver lineman
    3rd: SIGS - Communications systems operator

    Got my medical forms now, things are picking up! Got to do lots of research into my job choices now and get my bloody run time below 13 minutes, atm its at 15 :x
  8. nice 1 mate ,
    if u wnt things to move as quick as possible you wnna hand them medical forms in asap, as this is what holds you aplication up you dont get a selection date until they recive them.make sure the doctor fills them out there and then aswel if possible couse they dont rush to fill them out or post them can take up to a week just for them to fill them out and send them.
  9. Hello there.... Just to wish you well for tommorow. You will be fine. Just listen to what the seargent says, remember what your booklet said & keep calm. To be honest, you just have to have read up on the job you hope to do. My son got asked lots of background questions re the job & he did ok. The sergant was lovley but we were on first name terms lol as I was up & down the office(1hr way!), bringing all the forms to them. This really speeded the process up & it took 3 months from start to end. I camped outside my gps office for the forms lol but as the army pay the gps £65.oo for each form they complete, mine was very happy to hurry up lol! 8O So if you are able to take any of the forms in yourself, then do so. I also posted one form by next day delivery lol just to get it there quick. My post seems to go missing where I live in the back & beyond! So just look smart, smile & dont stress ok. Good luck & let us all know how you did. :D P.S my son goes to Harrogate 7th Sept! :D
  10. I've already been, look a few posts up and thanks. :D
  11. Hi Born.... Sorry for not looking up lol! So pleased things went well. Do you think they were as hard as you thought they were going to be? :)
  12. Try running - I find that normally helps. Seriously, if you are running and are currently doing 1.5 miles in 15 minutes then you have some way to go just to meet the minimum standard. I will assume you are a relatively young person as you are just joining up but if old buggers like me are still knocking out a mile and half in around 10 mins - and I do not confess to being a racing snake - then you will need to get a grip.
  13. Yeah somersetlady it was what I expected, Im sure I didn't get that many questions wrong, maybe I got lower than I expected because I took too much time or perhaps its just that a few questions can have a big impact! I don't know!

    And m2m, yeah I admit that 15 minutes with a break is a disgrace, I used to be big into my bodybuilding but have never had anything to do with endurance, on the outside it would seem I am in pretty fit shape but the inside says different, well thats got to change!
  14. im joining the royal signals as a driver lineman and heard some well bad stuff on here i dont mind not doing much cable laying as long as there is alot of driving how long will it take for me to get all my licences? and where am i most likely going to be posted? im really into thrill seeking stuff is bungee jumpiong and sky diving on offer in training lol