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Got my 90% mortgage agreement in principle 2/5yr fixed ?

I've been offered a mortgage in principle with HSBC as I can only afford to put down a 10% deposit I'm limited to the APR available to me is 5.99% on a 2 year fixed rate until Oct 2011 or 6.25% until Oct 2014 then they drop down to their standard variable rates.

Not sure what I will be doing with regards to the place I'm hoping to buy i.e. selling it in a few years etc.
Do you think the house prices will creep up slowly in two years? Want to make a quick buck?
Are you thinking of changing jobs?
Do you have dependants who are due to start school/uni or in exam or GCSE/A levels?
Is house in an estate that resembles "The Bronx"?

Too many variables if you ask me.

If you lock in for the longer term you know exactly what's "going out" and budget accordingly.

Again same for shorter term.

At end of lock-ins you can always shop around for another deal.

But if you have itchy feet with property I would rent.

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