Got med forms signed!

Hey guys,

Just got back from the docs, he signed all my forms while I waited, he wasn't happy about it doing it there and then but I wasn't going to risk leaving it with him hehe Anyways he's given me the thumbs up so I'm gonna drop 'em back into my afco next week and hope to get a adsc date!
no offence intended but whats with this post??

to be honest i don't really care but wish you all the luck and really do hope you benefit from the awesome oppurtunity that has arisen. now kindly shout from your roof not on the forum!
lol, sorry was a bit of a pointless post :oops: I'll try and restrain myself in future
lol, must be annoying all the new joiners getting so excited about the smallest thing hehe anyways I'm thinking of joining royal artillery as light gun, possibly working my nuts off to try and get into 7th (parachute) regiment! But, heard it's hard....very hard
hard but not impossible. anything is there if you want it! look on the search for 7 Para and you'll get loadsa old threads with good info in gen bout training and such!
Cheers cheggarsRE,

Thanks for the advice, gonna research it as much as possible as it's something I've sort of set my heart on now. Don't worry, if I get it I'm sure I'll be on here shouting it to everyone lol :p
Im bricking it a little at the minute.

Ive been told i should hear back by wednesday (i will call weds afternoon about 3pm if not) about wether my application has progressed, ie getting told to come in for an interview, and also getting a date for selection.

None of that is bothering me too much, what im bricking it about, is getting the phone call to say "sorry mate, something wrong"

Now i think its going to be my weight, i am overweight, not massively, but its not something thats going to be sorted out within the two weeks. I know i can run the run in the required time, my pushups, and also my formerly crap situps are coming on leaps and bounds. The physical side of things im confident about, and as for the ice breaker and interview etc, i cant wait!

While my recruiter hadnt said anything about the weight being a problem, i bricked it earlier today thinking id put even more on! But after a couple of large dumps, ive actually lost a couple of llbs over all.

1. Im sick of waiting
2. Do you think the weight (and BMI) would be such a major issue if i can still carry out the assesments to the required standard?
geordie_g said:
But after a couple of large dumps, ive actually lost a couple of llbs over all.
Same thing happened to me a few days back! Was more alarmed at how much weight I lost after said-dump though :eek:

As for Q2, they probably assess the cases individually? I'm just guessing, but I'd be surprised if they went completely by the rule book...
Im actually worried about what im going to be able to do if i end up losing like a stone to get within a target weight of mine, it will be scary :p

I best eat a load of fibre to get (forgive the pun) the crap out of me before selection, assuming i get there, i mean i should find out wednesday.

Ive been good though, no celebrating with drink, even though the toon trounced the mackems 2-0 today!
Heres another question.

Assuming i go for selection, and get offered a job, and start my basic in time, so that the great north run happens on a weekend during my phase 2 training.

Obviously you are allowed home at weekends during phase 2 training, but surely they wouldnt mind if i was off to do the great north run?
Just if it occurs during phase one training, im going to have to hope its the long weekend, and then suffer even more than the rest of the lads for the following week!

I got an entry from the main ballot, and i was thinking of running for a hospice up here, but if i was in the forces, id probly do it for a forces based charity!

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