got leaving date can i change job?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by muzza6984, Dec 20, 2009.

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  1. hi i have my leaving date for 1st of march suppose to be away was going in as a chef. can i change now as a driver or do i need to go back to adsc?
  2. Leaving date??? Don't you mean Starting date.. :roll:

    If you are about to start at ATR I would not attempt to change your date because ATR places are extremely scarce at the moment and with over 2500 ppl awaiting allocation at the moment it wont be wise.

    Normally in the past if you would only have to go back to ADSC to do selection if you hadnt passed on certain areas under guidance between recruiter and PSO but things are changing rapidly. I strongly reccomend that you keep your start date and CEG you have got as you will have a long wait otherwise
  3. yeah start 1st of march. Could i not just phone my office an say dont want to join as a chef anymore, want to go as a driver? Or can you not do that? Or could i but would i then get an other date?
  4. i would turn up for basic and then once you have been there a few weeks tell them you want to change trade. that way your in and dont have your date put back. it may mean hanging about for a while at the end of phase one for a place on your new trade course.


    i am telling you right now you will not get transferred, i was in week 24 of training at the ITC and wanted to transfer to a corps and ended up RFAS'd and out of training a few days before deploying on final ex
  6. If your joining a corps and want to change to another corps then you can do it in basic, you wont get UFAST'd, cal only did cos he would have needed to go to another training establishment anyway being infantry, the worst you will get is put on a SAT or SNUT (Soldiers awaiting training) course after finishing phase 1 if your new choice of capbadge has a P2 intake further away from the end of your P1, but you will still pass-off with the capbadge you started off with, my old platoon at pirbright had a few people transferring, and wasnt any trouble.

    However if your going corps-infantry vice versa then yes expect to wait more for an intake, your very lucky getting in the army as it is, they can now afford to pick and choose, so to avoid getting put on the mong list by your recruiter, just get into the army first then think about transferring.
  7. The recruiting world is changing rapidly and potential soldiers will find it extremely hard to transfer the way they used to. Phase one and Phase two training places in 2010 will be like gold dust so it will be unlikely you can change anymore.
  8. If you passed ADSC to the same standards needed for the new job you shouldn't have to go back.(For instance some jobs require the technical test, if you went for Inf for example you don't do it so if you changed to a job that required it you'd be going back). Hoever you can also change during training, but then you will have the job of convincing your training staff that you came all that way for that job and now don't want it and want to transfer.
  9. You may not have to redo ADSC however they may put back your intake date!
    Go and do Basic, you should have a trade interview two weeks before the end of training to make sure you still want to go to the trade you asked for. if there are spaces you may change there!
  10. I would imagine that it shouldn't be a mega drama getting a change, he is looking to stay in the same cap badge(RLC) by the look of it. I'm guessing that you will be going to Pirbright and from what I gather, there are loads of RLC instructors there so someone should be able to help you while you are there.