Got degree, crap GCSE, officer entry help!

Hi all

I'll make it blunt and swift. I did 5 years in REME, signed off, went to university and about to graduate with an honours degree in Construction Management. I am 24 going 25 next month.

My Maths and English grades are both at grade D. Have you heard or know anyone who were in my situation, and received a waiver because she/he is in possesion of a degree?

Further to note, the level of maths I had to do in my degree surpasses that of a GCSE and probably equivalent to A level maths!
Hi mate.

I can confirm, being in the the same position as yourself, that the Degree trumps the GCSE's.

I obtained a degree in electronics, even though my maths GCSE was D (may have even been an E). I got in touch with my ACA (prior to my initial interview), he got in touch with westbury, who gave it the all clear.

If you would like a copy of the emails for full clarity, I would be happy to PM you.

Hope this helps.

P.S. Would just like to add that holding a degree only counts if, it had a certain level of maths required for it, such as yours or myself.


Thanks a million for your reply! Its ok, I dont need the emails, I will apply and see what happens, but I certainly wont bend over backwards and do my GCSEs Maths and English again; its tedious! I got out of the army so I could go in as an officer and a career change if the former didnt work out, if it doesnt work out for me, then I will move abroad after a couple of years here to get my chartered status.

Best wishes


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