Got chins - thank fook this bugger has!!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Wija, Sep 16, 2006.

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  1. Fat kids on slingshot....

    Too many Ginsters but they saved his life!!

    Best bit is his mother - laughing her ta ta's off whilst his chins cling on for grim life :lol:
  2. Dick Chaney has definetly come a long way. :D
  3. Aint gravity a bitch when you're a fat fukcer.
  4. I am so amazed he didn't swear.

    Imagine the depraved language eeking out of a British fat kid.

    Brings a tear to the eye thinking about it...
  5. concerned adult there
  6. I for one feel the reaction of the adult should be shown as training to all parents on how to react to worried children.

  7. Thats incredible, made my night!
  8. Why is that so intensely gratifying...

    Somehow I imagine once the batey fellow staggers off the ride he'll head straight to the burger stand for some much needed refreshment...
  9. That was good...Made I laugh :muhaha:
  10. Ahh excellent! Mum, keep fatty strapped in and go give $100 dollars at the payment booth for an all day ride! Fit mum though, hmmmm!

    Is that kid perfect for a 'get over that 6ft wall numb-nuts' sketch or what?
  11. That was brilliant. His mum is a heartless b1tch. If only british mums were like that.

    I believe the harsh treatment was to p1ss off the jay oliver mums!
  12. Hahahahaaaaa!! Ace! Look at the way his chin melds itself perfectly into the harness!! Sheer beauty!!

    Ah, the torment of strangers always brings a smile to my face.