Got anything in the loft?

I just caught a bit of one of these buy/ sell antique programs, and was amazed that a couple of brass button sticks were bought by one of these experts for £40. I know that mine is still kicking around somewhere, and I would never have thought it was worth more than a few bob.
I wonder what other bits and pieces ARRSE members might have tucked away. Anyone got anything that might make a few quid. Maybe the odd GPMG or Harrier in the shed, or a bit of mess silver, a set of officers ivory handled knicker rippers? Anything in the loft ?
I can't find my button stick,I have a couple of old clasp knifes and two old DPM jackets,a bass broom and a hoe,oh and I think there's a few bits that other pads left behind when they moved out and I moved in that I purloined.Certainly nothing worth 40 notes.


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A large Artillery range finder. Brass and leather but all painted green, of course. Has a serial number of 37. Ideal for keeping in the loft.
Kukri, stones and scabbard, black.
Old fashioned sectioned gas meter, green (I wonder why?).
Sleeping bag, green.
Sam Browne, brown.
Lots of all sorts of bits and pieces but I just can't be arrsed.
Still have an SLR cleaning kit, a respirator, a Sect Comd Aide Memoire and a pair of jungle boots. Antiques roadshow anyone? Oh nearly forgot, a 30 year old REME Tankard with a few dents but should polish up nicely.
Glass fibre insulation. Tons of it.
I once heard of a case where a bloke rented out his neighbour's loft space to illegals. So if you have one of these old buildings with communial lofts then it could be worth checking it...

Just saying like, not meaning to offend any minorities...


Ancienturion, I ll give you a tenner for the range-finder.

I ve got a kit-bag full of shitty Iraqi kit, number-plate, respirators, ammo-pouches, helmets, a bandage with idiots-guide to saving life in Arabic, propaganda leaflets, a piece of C-subs M109, an un-identified tail-fin of a rocket/mortar shell, and the piece-d-resistance, a fully working Iraqi equivalent of a 349 all looted personally by yours truly in Kuwait. (I decided to bin the sawn-up AK47 at Al Jubail that I d hid in the NBC system)

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