Got any underserved invites to drive outrageous cars?


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Don't ask me why, but Maybach sent me an invitation to drive one of their motors at 'Mercedes World' last week. "If I must" I told them. :D

£430,000 car, with 576bhp under the hood (twin turbo V12) and about 50 full sized dead cows lining the interior . . . . . . . and one somewhat chuffed pikey at the wheel seeing how fast I could get it from 40 to 120. Fast, luxurious and comfy, and quiet, and full of gadgets, but at 2.5 tons, not my kind of motor I told the bloke. Warming to my theme, and as I was in the Mercedes main UK showroom/museum, I told him I'd banned myself from buying Mercs 15 years previously because their cars were soulless, uncomfortable and the steering wheels where p!ssed off to the left of the driving position. "Meh, NON!" the bloke exclaimed, "You'll find that doesn't happen, and least of all in these fine 'C' Class cars sir, hop in and see!".

"See me" I said, " in the middle of the seat, with my arms on the steering wheel, two inches to the left of centre do ya, well, do ya punk?"

"I won't be selling you one of these today then sir?"


Such front!!

All this for a bloke who is basically so skint, he had to buy his secondhand motor on Ebay!

Has anyone else been sent undeserved invites to drive what are frankly outrageous motors?

Edited to add: BTW Thank you very, very much Maybach/Mercedes for the opportunity. Very, very impressive car. One day in the future, when I've made some money (lots and lots), you can stick my name down for one.

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