Got any Comet Vouchers?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fltpilot, Nov 1, 2012.

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  1. If so spend them quickly, in fact very quickly, well like very quickly tonight, NOW!

    Troubled electrical chain Comet has called administrators in today after struggling to compete with rivals - a move which may threaten 6,000 jobs. The company, which has struggled to compete against fierce competition from the supermarkets and cut-price websites, has appointed accountant Deloitte as administrator.
  2. I'm surprised they lasted so long.
  3. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    A bit like Woolworths. Complacent dinosaurs who had their eye off of the ball. Fuck off off of the High Street and make space for people who have a clue. Like Primark. No sympathy for Comet I'm afraid.
  4. Website is down, was hoping to grab a few bargains
  5. A couple of years ago I fancied treating myself to an I Pod touch and did some research on prices.

    I popped into Comet and asked if they could beat the price of an online supplier and was given a resounding NO.

    The wankers should have tried harder.
  6. I dropped £900 there last Sat on new kitchen kit... Comet were always willing to haggle (one store saved me £250 off a panny plasma). Thankfully I paid on Visa and not the debit card!

    If they do go under, then as the stock is already paid for and not the property of the manufacturer/distributor, then there is a good chance of fire sales in the stores... :)
  7. I have a fridge/freezer which I bought from Comet 10 years ago. I have worn out socks in the bin which I bought from Primark last week. What was that about having a clue, again.
  8. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    went into a branch looking for a new pc a few years ago, with a grand and a half in my pocket, wanting to take one there and then. asked them if they would do a knockoff for cash and got the big FO.
    went next door to PC world (I know, but I had done my research first and knew they had some nice machines in stock) where they were happy to take my money off me and took a fair bit off the total into the bargain.
  9. Stop wanking with a belt sander and give your knob a chance to recover, then you won't wear out your socks so quickly.
  10. ...6000 out of work just before Christmas..poor fuckers
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  11. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    shite innit.
  12. But also amusing for Amazon.
  13. A few years ago, I went to PC world in Hereford. I had £2k in cash on me and knew exactly what PC and tackle I wanted. All the dipshit saleswoman had to do was get them, 5 mins and jobs jobbed.....or was it?

    She tried to get me to buy a business computer....that I'd have to wait 4 weeks for delivery for. 'No luv, I want that one there to take home now and I aint even a business user'

    Disappears for 10 mins

    No I don't need norton 360, put it back on the shelf with the other fucking viruses.

    Disappears for 10 mins

    I need a network dongle or love, that's for a laptop, I'm buying a desk top....dont argue, I KNOW its not right...PLEASE put it back on the shelf.

    Disappears for 10 mins

    For fuck sake, I dont need kaspersky, put it back on the shelf where you put the norton, how long will it take for me to get my computer?

    I wait around like a lemon for another 10 mins, sans customer advisor

    I need a 5.1 speaker they are micro speakers for ipods...I need a fucking 5.1 SPEAKER SYSTEM FOR A PC

    Disappears for another 10 mins, no sign of my computer still.

    The manager came walking past and I tried to get his attention, he blanked me...until a shelf of promoted software came tumbling into his direction, I called him all the cunts under the sun and left.

    I went round to comet and said straight "You have 10 mins to get me a list of stuff or I'm walking out and I'm in a right mood after the cunts at PC world"....."no problem sir, we get a lot of irate customers come in from them useless idiots"

    10 mins later I had PC and all the gubbins i needed, Free speakers and 15% discount on a tidy LG monitor
  14. You must be very proud.
  15. Yes but sadly it's time for a new PC now This one has worked hard for 3 years and can't be upgraded (small form factor & DDR2 RAM). I shall not be going to PC world/currys.

    I might build one.