Got all my forms sent off yesterday...

... anyone know how long will I have to wait until I get a reply?

And what should I be doing in the meantime to prepare, running, push-ups, weights etc? :?
what forms? Vehicle licencing? SAS selection? Exped leaders cse?
great stuff, good luck
BChris said:
I think I'll need it, I'm a bit alergic to running :lol:
Don't bother with an inf battalion like 1 R IRISH; they are v professional and v fit. Frankly if you can't hack fiz, don't bother' you'll have a miserable time.

However, determination is everything. If you are determined to join the Army, if you are determined to be a good infantry soldier then you need to exercise yourself and get used to pushing yourself - then when the Army start doing it to you, you will at least be used to the feeling - you might not like it but at least you will succeed. Don't bother with weight etc (the Army will do that and you might wreck yourself) go running, push the distances (even brisk walking in excess of 10 miles is useful), try and do a bit with your upper body (swimming is good as well). There is a lot of other advice on this site - take it.

I am not trying to be unhelpful but if you can't get yourself out of the alergic to running mindset it aint going to work for you.

Best of luck.
It's not that I hate the fiz, it's more that I get frustrated that I can't run 2 or 3 mile at a sprint and lose heart in it I think, but you're right, I do need to just stick at it.

I'm not sure how many will be transferring from the HS to GS, most of the HS I know are pretty old sweats by now :?
When you say you have just sent away your recruitment forms do you mean you are at the start of your application? Im not sure where your at but il tell you the process i have been through of late.

I went in to my local AFCO at the end of June and booked in for my BARB test which i did on the 12th July.I took my medical forms to my doctor the following day and he assured me they would go out a few days after that. I then recieved a letter at the start of August giving me a date to go for my interview which took place on the Wednesday just gone and my details and train pass should arrive early next week for me to go up to Edinburgh for RSC in a couple of weeks.

As to when i will get the green light for Catterick given that RSC goes well (touchwood) after asking the ACIO officer and having spoken to a recruiting sargeant for the Royal Anglian Reg it seems its very possible to get me on an intake for basic at the end of September.

So, all in all, if i get to start basic at the above time the whole process will have taken me only 3months.

Hope this helps mate

Yeah, just starting my application now.

Doesn't the applications take longer for NI though? Seeing as we all have balaclavas and armalites tucked away somewhere? (Note: Not that I have or anything :wink: )
A fine choice of Regiment! Im in the middle of my application for 1 R Irish aswell, the recruiting sergeant said that the security questionaire bit is what usually delays the application because it has to be sent off to london and cleared before you attend RSC. Im just waiting for a date to attend selection now. P.S The more running you do, the easier it gets, i know! Good luck mate.
Just finished recruitment phase sign contract friday pledge oath of allegiance etc, took about 3 months start phase 1 end of month just keep fitness up running situps pressups pullups weight are not really neccesary at this stage and also importantly a good mental attitude you need to say to yourself i can do this selection is easy if you have the right attitude .
You'll both be old sweats by the time I go to Ballymena :lol:

Had a bit of a dodgy leg this past week or so, but went for a bit of a sprint this morning and it seems okay, really need to start on my running now I think.

Thanks for the advice, hope to see you in Catterick soon :D

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