got all docs for starting basic woop woop

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by booch1988, Jun 19, 2008.

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  1. satrt basic 27th july got phone call saying docs were on there way im sooooo excited lol
  2. What's "Basic Woop Woop" ?
  3. lol nah i got basic at cic 27th of july 2008 and im so excited waited a long time for this so any advice would be gr8 thank you. any better cait lol
  4. pm with advice or if u need it , or you can just post a question here.......
  5. Hi booch1988,

    What are you joining as, and where are you due to do your training?
  6. hi matt, i am going infantry for the royal anglians and i am due to start at catterick. yourself?
  7. Royal Sigs - been informed to expect to start basic at ATR Pirbright at some point in July.

    Well done on passing - exciting times ahead!
  8. thanks i have posted a lot of threads on here but to no reply, you know for advice from ppl who may have started basic. congratulations yourself hope you get your basic start date soon, i only waited 4 days and they rang me with a date. happy days