Got a spare Council bedroom?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by AIR FILTER, Aug 17, 2012.

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  1. From April 2013 if you are a Council tenant with one or more spare bedrooms, your Housing Benefit will be reduced by 14% per spare room, this is called "The Bedroom Tax"

    I say the most vulnerable of our society are always the governments favourite prime targets as they try to debt them to their eyeballs into obtaining a mortgage.

    Me thinks they want their council property's back for all the immigrants that they invited.
  2. Oh do shut up.
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  3. Seems a fair one to me , remember their council tax and housing benefit comes out of our taxes

  4. Can we reduce the amount of air you waste by 14%?
  5. What a brilliant idea! How about no cash, utilities paid for at source, and a ten man rat pack per person per fortnight? Feel hungry? Eat the sprogs until you get to the last four. Fuck the lot of them, the ones who need a hand get jack, and the Kyle generation get the top brick off the chimney.

    Air Filter, get a few to stay in your gaff, while they rent out the council house paid for out of our taxes, cunts.
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  6. Fixed for you.
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  7. Fucking hell. Do you ever shut up moaning?

    You must be a right unemployable mong the way you bang on about benefits all the time. Do me a favour and log off, charge your mobility scooter up and go to bed.
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  8. You'd whinge having a fuck you moaning cunt.
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  9. You really are that stupid that you don't get the hint.....

    Fuck off you boring oxygen thief!!!
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  10. Find a married mate who is on benefits. List him as a non-dependant adult using the bedroom as a boarder. He claims from your address as a single separated man and his wife/partner moves to claiming as a single mother. Small profits all round.

    Hope this is helpful.
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  11. Most helpful. Nice to see my taxes ponced yet again.
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  12. Rich or poor ... It's the name of the game for most in today's society ... Init. :sunny:
  13. Blud.
  14. Come now, let's not be too harsh 14% is a bit much, If he could just stop breathing for one hour every twenty four I'd be more than happy.

    It would only need to be done once as well.........................
  15. Up here they are doing the same if you have an under occupied council property they are cutting back on the housing benefit/increasing the rent if you want to keep it. Idea is to free up the larger homes and relocate the current owners into a smaller home case sexample is my brother's MiL lives in a 3 bedroom house by herself. The issue means though it's generally scum families who have the bigger faimiles who need them so they all move into a an area then drag that down as well.