Got a spare $780,000?


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In my day it was a couple of Breezers and 10 Silk Cut.
Not surprised a Jap won the auction, isn't this what the Geishas do?
So is the Jap going to spend an hour assaulting her with various battery operated toys then invite 8 of his mates over to turn her into a plasterer's radio? She's been short changed......
FFS, what's the world coming to? In my day all they got was a "Jim'll Fix It' badge & they considered themselves lucky.
I hope she cashes the cheque before letting him shag her - it would be funny if it bounced more then he did.
No bit of pussy is worth that!

I dont understand why he would want a virgin, give me a complete slut please!
You're bang on.

For that cash, I'd want to shown the time of my life, not spend my time asking, nay telling her to roll over; put this there; grip it like this and say "Yes, you really do suck on it!"
Right, who wants me?

You've all seen the Avatar, that's obviously me, cash up front and then we'll talk about a good shagging.

No mamby pamby fuckwits or poor people please. Who'll start the bidding at a tenner?


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I'll see your HK$10 and raise you half a pork pie and a cold cup of coffee.


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I've not had a pork pie for fucking years.... is it a Bowyers?
It can be what ever you want it to be sweetcheeks.

And yes It's a real one.

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