Got a query, maybe this is the best forum for answer.

When I was still in the Territorials, quite a few years ago now, I seem to recall having on my payslip the following info;

Scale B, Band 3, Class 2.

I pretty much know what the Class 2 was, as I was a Class 2 Telecoms Op, but have no clue what the first two codes mean.

Anyone able to shed light?

Thanks in advance,

Blimey that brings back memories. I could be talking sh*te here so any pay gurus feel free to correct me but as I recall it this was the score with regards to regulars:

Scale A = 3 year or open engagement
Scale B = 6 year engagement
Scale C = 9 year engagement

Bands 1-7 were dictated by your trade and rank (as I remember Band 3 was the highest a Cpl could be on and Band 7 was the highest a SSgt could be on but I can't remember the rest) and, as you say, the class is obvious.

It all changed when paycut 2000 came in though because by then everyone was on open engagement; Bands 1-7 became simply higher or lower band and whatever class tradesman you are was irrelevant but now serves as a way to gain AIP when you go up a class.

I've no idea how close to the territorial pay system this was though.

Hope this answers your query but don't quote me in a court of law because I could be talking sh*te!!!!!

You pretty much nailed it Alpha-Mech.

There were always going to be losers when we went from 3 Bands to 2 bands under PayCut 2000 (2001) - especially if you were a Techy type person
Thanks for the info guys. I wondered why I was getting dirty looks from other folks of the same rank as me who were Scale A. I was getting more pay and never really found out why til now.


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