Got a Little Problem and Im Close to phase one ,Help.

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Chris1994, Aug 23, 2010.

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  1. Hey ive got a bit of a health problem nothing major like a broken leg but ive sorta always ignored it and lived with it like a man but after talking about it to someone , im worried basicly... i passed my medical at ADSC and a clean bill of health from my GP few months ago and didnt have the problem at the time
    But my basic is in two weeks so im unsure how that affects things do i go to my GP whilst still a civvi or leave it till im in basic?

    im not gunna say what it is because its personal buts thats not my point im just not sure of what happens with my health care and or if ill get medical discharge?

  2. Go-to-a-doctor.
  3. I've got a problem as well, I need some advice but I'm not gonna tell you what it is
  4. Not a difficult one to guess, get to a doctor get some Anti Biotics and next time wrap your tool
  5. can you get medicaly discharged for stis? surley not
  6. have you got a hernia
  7. herpes flare-up? dont worry about it, go see your gp

  8. In your first week of training you will undergo another medical, it you are genuinely broken you will be discharged with Unfit For Army Service or Defect on Enlistment, no pay out but a good luck in what you want to do
  9. Don't worry the lovely doctor will be able to get it out with a bit of ky and a leatherman.
  10. Talking about medicals if he goes to his doctor now will it show up on the medical in phase 1?? as hes sent all his medical details off already.??
  11. Given he wont tell us what is no one can really gauge if its a bar to entry, He has probably caught some form of pox though